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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Challenge #19 - Put the Petal to the metal

Let metal inspire you this week.

Use metal.
Use something that looks like metal.
Use something that is metallic.
Use the color of metal.
Use something unique for extra credit.

Jana here. I used a tuna tin. I was wondering around Go Create Something and stumbled upon her tin art. She has a few tins decorated with a mermaid theme. Since my hubby and I are taking our girls to Disney World in a few weeks, I picked Ariel as my mermaid. I have a treasure chest full of gems.

What? Don't you?
Anyway, I decided to decorate the outside of the tin with gems and glitter. I used E6000 to adhere the gems. And then poured the glitter over everything to fill in the gaps. I am going to have glitter in places only my husband will see. I get this stuff everywhere. Then I painted the inside blue and printed out an underwater scene and trimmed it to fit. I still have details to add. You know some shells, Flounder, Sebastian, maybe some sand...

Now show us your metal.


Unknown said...

Ooooh... what a FUN challenge! And the timing couldn't be more perfect either. I just got some gorgeous metal sheets in the mail from one of my art BFFs. This will totally motivate me to play with it and see what I can come up with!

Have a good week, all!!

for2nately said...

Hi Guys! I've missed playing along! I couldn't get my head around the music one but the metal, no problem! Here's mine!


Ivolina said...

Lovely mermaid project. I love all this gems.

My card for new challenge is here

for2nately said...

I made another! I was on a roll! this is actually faux metal but it counts right?
have a great day!

Kristen H said...

Here is mine! Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Better late than never...

Hugs y'all.

Unknown said...

Here is mine:

I am moving on the 15th and won't have a studio (wah!) so I will probably only be able to do one more challenge with you gals after this. So sad! I will try to come back - we'll see what life has in store. *sad face*