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Monday, August 24, 2009

Challenge #21 - Water

Water, a beautiful and natural element - pure, simple, and vital to our very existence. Our inspirational theme for you this week is to create something artistic using water!

Rosemary here - my submittal is a card using a photo I took several years ago in Florida while on vacation. I love this picture, I occasionally put it on my blog as the banner photo, I have it as the wallpaper on my work computer and it just makes me feel good to gaze upon it.

For the card, I have inserted (and it may not show as well as it does in real life) a quotation from Edna St. Vincent Millay that reads:

"The soul can split the sky in two and let the face of God shine through"

(I tried several times to photograph the finished card but it just isn't working - so I'm using the PaintShop file that I created it from - a digital bit of fun)

Jana here. I went a bit more whimsical. I made a card with an underwater theme.

You can't really tell, but the crab is popped out from the page.

I had to scan the card because I couldn't find the camera battery charger.

My youngest has decided that the camera is now hers.

So the battery is DEAD. Way dead.

And here's the inside. I really don't know what inspired me, but I love these fish.

So, let's see what you are inspired to create this week!


Kristen H said...

Hey, I got back from Vacation and got my fun pressies. Thank you so very much.
Have a GREAT week!!!

Meikoningin said...

My bathroom :D

Amrita said...

Dear friends, Thank you so much for the cute items you sent me. I love the note book and the papaer clips.
This is so sweet of you. I am so glad they arrived safely.

Kristen H said...

Here it is!
Thanks for coming by and checking it out. I hope you like it! Have a great day, I enjoyed playing along!!!

Unknown said...

I was inspired to use this picture of a swan that visit my lake.. it's a beautiful picture. It is on my desk top. I change backgrounds every so often with other swan picture. I think they are one of God's most beautiful creatures.
Cheers Here is my card

Electra said...

I just found you and LOVE, yes, LOVE your site. I know I'm going to love you ladies too! I found you at 11 PM tonight, made a LO before even going to bed and I need to be up for work in 5 hours. Yikes. That's dysfunctional.
At any rate, it's at
I know this is the beginning of a wonderful new relationship!

Bobbi said...

here's a LO from a sunday at mom's fishing with the family