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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Challenge #20 - Elvis

Elvis has left the building.

I was only 4, but I was caught up in the frenzy.
I wanted to marry the King. At 4.
I remember watching a movie, hugging one of his albums and crying over and over again, "Elvis, Elvis". I fell in "love" with the young, slender version. Something about that man.
At 12 I cried again. Because he had died. I was living in Guam. (my dad was stationed there). I was getting ready to go into one of the quanset huts for a gymnastics lesson when our neighbor came screaming into the parking lot that the Pelvis was dead. Do you remember where you were?
My husband has no idea how lucky he is that the King has moved onto Heaven...

I created this digital ATC to honor him.
And my fond memories of him.
And what could have been.

Create a tribute to the King.
Rest in peace Elvis.
(Note: Last weeks entries will be highlighted later this week.)


creatingmemories said...

Hi Rosemary..check out my blog i nominated you fro a blog award,see what you have to do.

Take care,
xooxox Fia

Birgit and Marni said...

Hi Rosemary - I just did a digital page in tribute of Elvis. It's on my blog. Hope that you are doing well! Thanks for the great challenge!


creatingmemories said...

Hi Rosemary and Jana..I finished a ATC about Elvis,if my batteries are loaded again...arghhh I will post.
Have a great week,