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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Challenge #22 - Gimme 5

This week I want you to Gimme 5.

That's it. Just 5.

You could make a card with 5 of some embellishment. You could make 5 cards and send them to 5 people that make a difference in your life. You could take 5 minutes to reflect on your life and blog about it. You could make a 5 course meal (of course we want to see photos. We LOVE food.)

Jana here:

I chose to make a little album that lists the top 5 things in different categories.

I will add to the book, but for now I decided to list 5 favorite foods that I HAVE to have each time we go to DISNEY WORLD.

(Please excuse the crappy scan. I still can't find the battery charger to my camera. grrrrrr. So, I have to scan my things for now. I plan on posting more pics on my craft blog. I CARD WANNA. But it won't be for a week or so. Anywho, the words toward the bottom of this adorable flower page are blurry because the flowers are popped out and thus are distorting the scan.)

I mention the Disney Food page because




So, I won't be around until Thursday. That's right, I am NOT going to get on a computer for a whole week.

(and Rosemary is missing her so much already and will all week until she gets back - sigh wah sigh)

While I am gone, get

busy, busy, busy, busy, busy



Hi! Rosemary here - I got very contemplative with this challenge and so I'm sharing a scrapbook page without any photos but it is meaningful to me. It's my 5 spiritual resolutions for (20)10! I see September as a time when we are starting over - much more so than in January when we're all having a little turkey, eggnog, and cookie hangover! So why not get a head start on making some positive changes? That's what I'm doing for myself!

(if you are unable to read them - and I'm thinking you might the resolutions are: To pray more fervently and put my faith in God, to honor the gift of a healthy body and put effort into taking care of it, to be mindful that positive thoughts often lead to positive results, recognize that if I'm not healthy and happy that I'm not going to be useful to others, and accept that sometimes "no" is an appropriate response)

----------Let's take a look at our Gallery for Last Week's Theme----------

Last week, we had beautiful entries for our theme of Water - it was kind of fun wasn't it? It lends itself to all sorts of interpretations and we love what you came up with, you talented bunch you!

Our dear Meikoningin has found a ghost in the bathroom at Chapel Road 1 in Coneberry Village - and a glamorous one she is at that! I would much prefer to see her in the bath than some horror movie type!
Kristin took another lighthearted look by reminding us to drink our 8 glasses of water a day - but asking the question we all consider "Who does this? - well, we at least have to try right?

Dear Fran also participated and made a gorgeous card using a photograph of a swan on the lake near her home - and additionally a beautiful religious verse to accompany it. (she even got a visit from seven swans last Christmas season - how cool is that?) A home on a lake, that sounds lovely!

We have a new Opus Gluei participant - welcome Electra! She gets the tongue in cheek nature of our blog as well and provided us this clever layout with a very intense looking crocodile in the photo. I get a shiver just thinking about them in the water....yikes!

Also we got a great layout from Bobbi - who created art when she couldn't sleep - we've been there haven't we? Love that you refer to your room as your therapy room, that's the truth on my end as well! Turn the stress into something lovely!

So, now your challenge is to GIMME 5!!!!!!


Amrita said...

Hi gals real creative stuff here.

Have a great time at Disney World.

Melisa said...

Those sound like great resolutions, Rosemary! Here's my gimme 5

Electra said...

Thanks for this challenge O Great Poobah's! I spent all week thinking of various "5's" to give you and thoroughly enjoyed all the daydreams. Here's what I decided on #22
Have a funny week!

Gini said...

This is my first time joining in,
I met Rosemary on another challenge site, you can find my entry here

Happy Crafting everyone!
It's still Sunday here in the U.K.
Sorry I get in a muddle with the time zones!

Kathy said...

I'm BAAAACK.... LOL Once again, ol' Craftola has been back in the crafting saddle and entering this into the "5's" challenge. :)

After a very much needed hiatus, I am refreshed and ready to get back to my regular life! Here is my entry...