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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Challenge #18 - I've Got the Music In Me-UPDATED

Rosemary starting off our challenge and letting you know that this week we're going to have MUSIC as our theme. Music can soothe, inspire, irritate, or invigorate us and it's a universal theme we can all enjoy. You can use a favorite song, a piece of sheet music, a musical note punch, etc.

Your goal this week is to use your muse! Incorporate MUSIC into your submittal. It can be anything (as ALWAYS); a posting, a digital layout, ATC, inchie, twinchie, mini, moo, fabric creation, painting, whatever!
My submittal is this card - You are My Sunshine! Whenever I see this stamp I always start thinking of the song - and by the time I get to "you make me happy when skies are gray" I am smiling and that's a great thing isn't it? I remember my little niece and nephew singing this to me years ago in their adorable little toddler voices and that memory ALWAYS makes me smile.

(I used some Bazzill cardstock, a Citrus Stack paper or two, my Threading Water punch, unknown stamp, Prima flower, Stickles, bling, and ribbon de la Stash du Rosemary! )

I hope you enjoyed a little Christmas in July - we have a lot of catching up to do and I'm going to be selfish and start off by showing that I revised my card I used for last week - It was blah to me (and probably to you). Rather than trashing it I thought well, let's see what can be done. So, I've added Stickles all around to pep up the card - what do you think? Keep or toss? (you can be brutally honest with me)

And weren't all of you pretty crafty last week! Here's a roundup of the submittals for Christmas in July!

Bobbi made a really great looking Christmas card using her Cricut (and I'm getting inspired) - and she multi-tasked and was able to use this for several challenges. Way to go! I think we both used the same background paper (but hers is a lot cuter! Again, I'm inspired) (UPDATED - I put the wrong card for Bobbi in this, WHOOPS - well, I can't be blamed for liking both of them so much can I? So here are both of her Christmas cards - but she was entering her lovely blue card for this time around)

Meikoningin was not only making something beautiful but she was thrifty too - her frugal ornaments show how to use all those cute little photos from cards, catalogs, etc. that we put into our stash but then wonder what to do with them. This is just a small sample, she's got several and they are all really great!

We also got a link from Desi (aka Ivolina) - we've missed you very much and glad you are back playing with us - her card is adorable (and her husband liked it, and when the guys notice - it's high praise!)And Phinny not only used up some of her scrap stash but she embellished her envelope too! What a beautiful finishing touch. (She even overcame the idea of pushing Christmas in July, I know I know, speeding up the season!)

We also heard from Amrita, Kristen, and Elizabeth, our Fortunate Stamper (we've missed you ALL and glad you're back, it's summer - we know everyone is dropping in here and there - more important to be making some memories and enjoying your families - we'll still be here) (and we can empathize with the more challenging issues some of you have dealt with this summer)

Aw, and our delightful Chat Noir indulged my (Rosemary) love of Christmas as well and made lovely cards AND beautiful jewelry - check it out (I love this, love the veining of those large stones). I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT YOU DON'T GET DISCOURAGED WITH OUR CHALLENGES - WE LOVE YOU GUYS AND YOUR TALENTS - MAKES US SMILE!

Fran (who has been JUSTCUTTNUP, hee hee) has also been busy - look at her beautiful card and the angel is a pin to be worn all season - another great idea. Also, check out these beautiful, delicate crosses she crochets. A very talented lady and beautiful projects.

Hope you all have a great week and craft up something MUSICAL for us to see - and if I have missed someone's entry for either this or another week's challenge. Just let me know in the comments and we'll rectify the situation.


Bobbi said...

Way to go ladies, these were all great projects. Can't wait to see what get submitted for this weeks.

Amrita said...

Wow I love those cards and the crosses.

Bobbi said...

Rosemary, you should keep the card, I thought it looked great the first time, but the glitter glue did make it "sing".
I keep all my cards even the ones I don't care for. I have found that if I put it in my card box with all the others, the next time I look at it, I can't remember why I didn't like it. - Bobbi

oh and thanks for post both of my cards, I didn't even notice you posted the wrong one LOL

Unknown said...

Well... I like your card the way it was and than I like the glitter.

The music card is super, love the colors and the half blue flower hiding behind the sun.. its a smile alright. "You are My Sun Shine" is a great memory for me with my grandkids. "Beautiful" is another one.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous cards and projects, All! *smile*

Here is my card for the music challenge:

Thanks so much!

Jeanie Callaghan said...

Here is my card for the challenge.