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Sunday, July 19, 2009

And the winner is.... and Challenge # 17


That's right. Everyone who left us a comment is a winner.

(Now for the small print... You can expect a little something in the mail in the next couple of weeks. I am NOT going to promise that I will get to the post office in the next day or two. You have won and you will receive a PRIZE. But you have to be patient.)

Amrita - we need your address

Phinny - we need your address

Fia - we have your address

Bobbi - we need your address

Kristen - we have your address

Fran - we need your address

Chat Noir - we have your address

Please email them to jdeegs @ (without the spaces)

You are all WINNERS. Not just because of this. But because you play with us. Even with a cropadile tied around our necks.


So, what's the theme for this week? Well, how about Christmas in July! My family (Rosemary here) started a weird little tradition of celebrating Christmas in July. Cheap and/or funny gifts were exchanged and we ate things like barbecue and corn on the cob off the Christmas china and iced tea in the fancy glasses. It was fun and we enjoyed the silliness!

We're many months now until the holidays and yet my usual wish list is the same - I want so much to be organized for Christmas so that I can savor the season rather than feel like I'm trying to outrun a freight train (or a sleigh pulled by reindeer).

So, I am trying and have set a goal to make my own cards as much as possible and get an early start on them. I have other projects for Christmas as well, but this seemed a good start.

I am taking the Mojo Monday challenges and trying to make a Christmas-themed card for each one. Weird isn't it? But that fits me!

So, here is my first attempt, it is using the sketch from Week 81 and I know that subsequent ones can only get better.

Loved hearing that you enjoy our challenges and can't wait to see what you create this week. Just link to your submittal in the comments. Also, because we need to catch up on other submittals for previous challenges, please check back again and again this week and we'll highlight all that you've been linking in with.

So, let your imagination go wild and let's see what you're working on - are you making a particular Christmas gift, scrapbooking last holiday's photos, making your own cards, or what?

Thanks to each of you for making this unique challenge blog a lot of fun and a success!


Bobbi said...

Hey thanks for making me a winner, this will be my very first "blog prize" :)
nice card, love the paper. I just posted for the 3 Clovers Thursday Challenge, it was Christmas in July too -- I will come up with a new one for your challenge.
These Christmas challenges might be the answer to getting my cards made on time this year.. o' who am I kidding, I will get a few made early and then about Dec 20th I will be in a mad rush to get the rest done.

Kristen H said...

YAY! I needed a warm cozy, what a way to get one, with a prize. I a so glad I came out of my funk long enough to type you a message.

Meikoningin said...

Here is my contribution :)

Amrita said...

Hi Jana, I don 't have your email address.

Please can you email me me at and I will send you my street address.
I don 't want to post it in the comment box.

Thank you

Ivolina said...

Hi Jana and Rosemary. I have stopped to make cards and
missed some of your challenges. I am so sorry. I forgot to thank you for your gift. Thank you very much to both of you.

This is my card for 17 challenge.

Anonymous said...

Here is mine!

for2nately said...

Hi Rosemary and Jana!
How are you guys? Sorry I haven't played along in weeks, we went out fo town to visit family and had no real access to a computer (insert shocked face here!)it was very strange for me! Visit my blog as i am offering up some blog candy this weekend!

Chat Noir said...

Hi GPs... like Kirsten, I'm glad I stopped by to leave you a message. Thankyou for the thankyou!!

Actually got around to putting scissors to paper (and pliers to wire as you'll see), so here's mine:

Merry Christmas!!

Unknown said...

Hey Jana, your card is super.. Thank you Jana and Rosemary for the gift.. I will let you know when I get it. So Here is my card

Bobbi said...
Here's my card, I haven't figured out how to do that direct link thing like mom (Fran) does. I am going to have to have her show me.