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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Challenge #16 - Picture Play

This week's challenge is a bit different.

I know we are the Order of the Opus Gluei, which implies the use of glue (or at least some sort of adhesive), but this week I challenge you to play with your pictures digitally.

Gasp, the horror of using the computer to alter something.

But, look what I did in a matter of minutes.

(Which was the driving factor in this weeks challenge. Something quick and easy. I am a firm believer that not every challenge needs to take a long time to complete.)

Creativity comes in all shapes and forms.

You will probably see these photos in a future project. How cool will it be to use your own backgrounds in a future project!!!


I got this effect with a watercolor effect in PSE7. I increased the brush stroke to 5.

Here is the original picture.

Not too exciting, but with the artistic features in PSE7,

I got a totally cool picture from it.


And here's a still life picture that I used the Cutout feature on.

I am thinking this will make a great background for a card, or scrapbook layout.

I could even play with the opacity and make this a journal block.

Again, not an exciting original picture.

Let's see the fun things you do with your photos.

EDIT: A question was posed:
Question for you Jana - I don't have PS or Elements and am not ready to jump into digital yet. Is there some way to still participate in this challenge or should I sit this one out? Thanks!
Don't sit this one out. I apologize, I always assume (I know, bad thing) that everyone has the same things that I have. DUH! Anyway, you don't necessarily need a computer to alter a photo. There are plenty of ways, paint, rub-ons, sand-paper, stamps, etc...
ALSO, if you have WORD, you can copy an image and put text on top, put another image on top.

EDIT 2: A free picture editing site
has been used by Marni, and WOW is it fun. I highly recommend you go check it out: Picnik. It is pretty easy and fun. Be prepared to spend a few minutes there playing with your pictures or they have some you can play with.

{P.S. Rosemary is moving this weekend. I would venture to say she might or might not have an entry for this week. She'll be back. I promise.}

[EDIT- Issue resolved. See below post.
I am having issues with posting the entries from last weeks challenge.
As soon as they are resolved, I will post them. Sorry.]


Anonymous said...

Question for you Jana - I don't have PS or Elements and am not ready to jump into digital yet. Is there some way to still participate in this challenge or should I sit this one out? Thanks!

Jana said...

Very good question, and I will amend the post to include it. But, in the meantime, I guess I am challenging you all (I live in Virginia now so I have to speak with a Southern twang. LOL) to alter some of your photos. I think that you could alter some with paint, rub-ons, sandpaper, stamps, etc... If you have WORD, you can copy a picture into it and place type right on top.

Birgit and Marni said...

Hi! I put my image on my blog at Love doing the digital thing!!! Thanks for your amazing blog and I LOVE your great sense of humour! Hope that you are having a great day.

Bobbi said...

I posted on my blog for the July 5th challenge -
I loved this challenge, the big challenge for me was just picking out which one of my creations should I post... I hope to see more posts of picture play.
Thanks -

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh... great. Thanks, Jana. I will def be able to alter a pic I print out!

Unknown said...

This was fun to do..
Here is my card

Anonymous said...

Wonderful projects, all!

I had some family issues that I had to deal with this week and my Internet access has been lousy so I didn't get to participate. But I will this week for sure. Thanks for the challenges each week. I know it's a lot of work, but I am having a ball. Love your creativity and humor and wonderful sense of play!

Kristen H said...

Sorry for the lazy link. I will behave and do it right next week.
I hope you like it.

Missed you all!!!