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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Challenge #8 - In Reach

Use what is visible at this moment. Don’t reach into any drawers or cabinets. Just turn and look around you at this moment in time. Reach out and grab what you see. Use it in this week’s project.

Jana here. I have a freakishly cluttered craft space. And as such, I have LOTS of "stuff" just laying about. I looked up and "found" a little wooden bird house. Hmmmm. I'll take that. AND I was just making cards and had some paper on my table. So, I'll use that too. And I won't even make a dent in my eyelets and the new Skittle thingies I just got. I think I ordered somewhere around a million.

Here's that birdhouse that I altered. I like the way it turned out. Makes me smile.

(I have a confession. I had my middle daughter bring me the chick. They were an after Easter purchase that she took possesion of and had stashed in her room. But, that is the only thing I had to get off my lazy butt to get. Oh wait, I didn't even get up for that. L-A-Z-Y. My middle name. Today anyway.)

Hi! It's Rosemary and I too have a cluttered work area - let's call it my inspiration area shall we? Well, I had an idea to use a wooden frame and make a Mother's day gift for my Mom from it, but that didn't work out so she got a gardenia and a Netflix subscription (I'd say she scored wouldn't you?)

I got inspired by this challenge to take the frame and the stack of retina-scorching pink papers of all types that I'd been stacking (yet ANOTHER project) and some paint, some decoupage, lots of punching butterfly shapes, gluing, and VOILA! A frame that (to me) screams happy and fun! I don't know if I'll put an inspirational word in the frame, a quote, or maybe a photo that I'll change out. But it makes ME happy and I like it! And I actually used stuff I could reach from where I was perched.

Amazingly, no carpal tunnel from punching all of these little butterflies!
My other project, using items nearby is my "Love Cat" ATC. I had the stamp sitting there since the Cinema Saturday challenge for "To Catch a Thief" and I'd put the stamp aside - it just wasn't inspiring me for the challenge. But with all the hot pink scraps and the ribbon and punches there, it was easy to put together a cute little ATC.

Now, show us what you are surrounded by.

What can you reach out and grab?
(Keep it clean, ladies, we're a generally
PG-13 blog here - hee hee)

Remember, make whatever you like - a card, inchie, twinchie, ATC, photo, fresco, sculpture, bronze, postcard, fabric piece, fireworks, light display, etc.
You know, things you can reach!

You're only limitations are your imagination!

Thank you for your projects from last week - they were great (you are all so talented and we get inspired by your creations!)

We had items from the following ladies, and we have a little treat for each of you to say thank you for playing!

So please email us at with your mailing address information and we'll get a little something special in the mail to you immediately!

Now, let's see what you submitted last week:

FIA - a beautiful card in with some of my favorite colors! Love this!

Elizabeth - one of our newest participants and get a look at her pretty card!

Kathy (that Crafty Craftola) - a beautiful and happy card that just sings Spring!

Ivolina - you always make beautiful cards full of texture and color!

Kristin - this made us laugh out loud! A fun, sassy card and now that you've participated in one of our themes - you're just gonna have to keep playing over here!


Kathy said...

Jana, that birdhouse is very creative, did you use "rope" for the top? I was wondering what you will do with it.... are you going to hang it outside or have it as a decoration inside???? The chick was a cute touch!!!!!!!! :>)

Jana said...

My birdhouse is going to live in my scraproom. Right next to my clock. It may sound like I am bragging, but I LOVE this little house. Right now it is sitting on the kitchen table in the middle on the Lazy Susan. lol. The rope was on the birdhouse when I bought it from the Dollar store. I liked it, so I left it.

Kristen H said...

I was out of town this weekend, but I definitely will be back this afternoon with a creation to share. This is a great group! I love that you post all the other great creations!!!
See you later!

xxx, Kristen

lauren bergold said...

hi guys! sorry it's taken me an age to get here, but this was the PERFECT challenge for me the other night--my table was *COVERED* with stuff and i sooooooo didn't feel like cleanin' up!!! thanks! :)

Kathy said...

I finished my art for the "challenge 8" last Tuesday, but I only had time to take the pix this evening!