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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Challenge #96 - Material Girls

We are living in a Material world, and we are


Well, sort of. We are talking the fabric sort of material. Yup, we want you to use fabric in your project this week.


Rosemary here and I was having such issues with this challenge, it seemed like every idea that I had was fraught with issues.  So be gentle to yourself if an idea doesn't immediately spring to mind.  It happens to us all.
I just knew I wanted something with flowers.  That's a start!
I also wanted to make a guest book for our home, something to let our family and friends leave memories of their visit. So, I had the journal, just needed a pretty fabric.  Check and check. This started well - just some fusible web and fabric to cover the journal.

Then, I found this neat idea for making fluffy, realistic flowers - trouble was that this involved flame and synthetic fabric - several burns later I decided that was not going to work.

Hmmmm....okay, let's try the power of the Internet again.  Another flower tutorial here and this time there were no open flames, just cutting fabric and running stitches, some buttons and glue...and here it finally is! 

 (It didn't photograph well because it looks like I have orange and yellow flowers on a pink background - and actually there is a lot of orange too (see photo above).)


Jana here: I love fabric. I am a tactile person. I LOVE to touch things and feel the textures. I have made quilts, and the odd piece of clothing. And I do mean ODD. LOL. This time I decided to try sewing a zipper. I have NEVER done that before. I saw some pictures of these wonderful little BOX BAGS made from a quarter of a yard of fabric. And had one of those dangerous "I can make that!" thoughts. So I looked up some tutorials, and made a couple.

The first one was made without much patience. I had looked at the tutorials, and kinda knew what to do. I forgot to take the time to add the little tabs at the ends of the zipper and didn't add a handle. It's a cute little bag, and I'll use it, but this one, the second one, is much more user friendly with the tabs and the handle.

It was made as a pen/pencil pouch for my middle daughter. She is quite happy with it. The pens used in the photo are props and were not included in the bag when I wrestled her for gave it over to her.

You can see the first attempt and find out a little more about Box Bags on my blog HERE.


I went a little material crazy, and ALSO made some fabric postcards and bookmarks. I made a few of the postcards, each one getting better. (lessons were learned)
Here is the best one of the 3:

And the bookmarks:

You can see the other 2 postcards on my blog HERE.


Now show us your MATERIAL GIRL side...


Deena said...

This project was challenging for me for sure...especially since all of my material bits are in a storage tub under the crawl space in my house...wasn't going under there on my day off unless someone was paying me...I hate the crawl luckily this piece just fell into my lap...literally and now it is used up!

Amrita said...

Lovely creations gals

Electra said...

I love, love, love your creations this week. Mine is pretty boring by comparison. Thanks for another week of crafty goodness!

Casii said...

Wow, while I love your creations, I feel like mine would look like a bad 7th grade home ec project.

My sewing machine is currently broken; can't get the tension to work, so I'll have to figure something else out...

Linda Coughlin, the funkie junkie said...

Fun, fun, fun! I am really getting into using fabric in my paper crafting. Thanks so much for a lovely challenge and wonderful inspiration from the DT!