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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Challenge #93 - Show Us Some New Tricks

Care to show us some new tricks?
We always love to learn something new
and this week we are asking you to
show us something new to you
(a new technique, craft, style, whatever)
Who knows what we might discover!
Rosemary here and I want to show you two new things I've been playing with - both with paper but uniquely different.
My first project is a new type of card (well, new to me) called a sidestep card.  There are loads of tutorials to be seen (personally, I recommend going to YouTube and watching some of the tutorials).  I'm not copping out, honest, they are just better at demonstrating (really).

and this is why it's a sidestep card.  LOL

My next project is a continuation of my UTEE obsession - won't you join me?

Let's make pins!
Once you get all the pieces together it is SUPER easy and fun!
For more details, see my blog


Jana here: I have been LOVING my art journal adventures. So many possibilities. One of the joys that I am experiencing is the gazillions of different techniques that are possible. This week I am playing with texture.

I used a thick, opaque gesso. I spread it on two pages.
One plain white and one that I had colored with watercolor crayons. I then used the tip of a paint brush handle to doodle some designs into the wet gesso. And now the hard part. I had to WAIT for it to dry.  (Waiting is hard if you are impatient, like me.)  Once the gesso was dry, I painted over the top of the pages.

On the plain white doodled page I used watercolor crayons to add the background color of blue and green. (I didn't take pictures during this creation. Sorry.) I didn't like the stark white of the circles, so I traced over them with paint pens. Same with the zig-zags. Then added some randome curlies and dots.

I really like the colors on this page, but there just isn't enough depth to it for what I want. I love that I can experiment.


For the next one,  I used acrylic paints on top of the gesso. I just love how you can see the watercolor peeking through the doodles I made in the gesso. And I love how the ridges created by the doodling caught and held the colors I painted.

And here is the whole page.

I am really looking forward to finishing this page. I love the color, the depth and the texture.


Okay, now it's your turn to show us what you discovered this week.


Girlsinthecraft said...

Wow, what a challenge you guys. Just love that sidestep card Rosemary. Been seeing them around lately. Yours is exquisite---definately has your flair. Been wanting to try UTEE but avoiding taking on yet another techniqe/craft that requires an initial investment. What you can make though is just beautiful. Okay, Jana, actually bought some gesso myself but have never put it to use. Maybe I can take a que from you and make the leap to create something. Both your pages are just stunning.

Will be interesting to see what I come up with. Can't wait to see what your other followers jump in and do too. What a great idea you guys!!

Kim B said...

Sounds like another great challenge. I will be linking soon. Hope you all have a wonderful week. :)

Hazel said...

It's always good to try something new (although I didn't do very well). I was amazed and delighted when the post arrived today from your package - what can I say - thank you seems so inadequate - I've blogged about the lovely surprise. x

Deena said...

Thanks for the awsome challenges...and the great prize!

Electra said...

Love your new header!! YOu have the best blog headers ihn the universe.
I tried to upload my felt project, with no luck, and I'm not sure if my other one will go through. Oh, how I hate technology. Or it hates me. I'm not sure which. Ill stop by tomorrow to see if anything showed up! lol

Electra said...

Good grief. I'm sorry about the double-posts! Like I said, I'm technologically-challenged. big-time.

June Houck said...

Oh, good! I just learned a new technique yesterday...I hope I have a chance to try it and blog.

On another note, Rosemary, your side step card is beautiful! You and I mad the top 3 this week at Jingle Belles...I am in good company to be paired with YOU! I love the beautiful elegance of your card.

Lori said...

Thanks for the great challenge! Love both of your projects, spectacular!