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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Challenge #95 - Springtime in Paris

Where has this year gone????

It's already SPRING.

And in honor of this time of renewal, we are challenging you to show us your SPRINGTIME IN PARIS projects.
Be inspired by whatever the phrase means to you.  Spring, Paris, literally Springtime in Paris, whatever, mon ami.


Rosemary here finally, sorry, am not feeling myself right now.

For me Springtime means soft, gentle colors, almost as if Nature knows that going from the stark, almost colorless Winter to the vibrancy of Summer shades would be too much for us to take in all at once.  So we gently add colors to our landscape - soft greens, pale yellows, pinks, and lavenders. 

I made two cards for this to share with you.  Both seem to speak Springtime to me.


Jana here: SPRING brings to my mind flowers. (I chose to neglect the Paris part. LOL.) Lots and lots of bright, cheery flowers. AND birds and butterflies. So my project is loaded with 'em.

My girls really liked the Valentines banner I made, so I decided to make a SPRING banner.

Some more pictures can be found at my blog HERE.


Now it's time for you to share your


inspired project:


Electra said...

OK, THIS week, I did NOT post my project 63 times. Just once, like I'm supposed to. Jana, I adore your banner, your girls are so lucky to have you as a Mommy!
Will you be my mommy and make me pretty stuff?
And Rosemary, I'm waiting....:-)
Thanks ladies, for another fun challenge.

Rosemary said...

I was a bad Poobah this week, but I've added my two cards and hope to be a better Poobah in the future! LOL

I am loving all the creative mojo that's being shared here - fantastic projects, ladies!

Kelly said...

Your spring banner is gorgeous. Did you have to give it any support for the weight of the flowers and butterflies?

June Houck said...

Cool! I just got a new cricut cartridge, Summer in Paris. Thanks for the chance to use my new stash :)

Linda said...

I love your Spring banner. It is amazung. Love the colors.

Hazel said...

I really enjoyed this week's challenge. I thought you might like to see the Christmas card I made for my CHNC challenge 13 using some of the K & Co paper you so kindly sent me. x