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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Challenge #97 - Find your Zen

We've been playing with zentangles; an easy, addictive, and fun way of combining a love of doodling with getting into the zone/zen moment of almost meditative contemplation.  

Aren't we often there already?  Perhaps not with dooding...but art, whether with paper and pen, glue, stamps, ink, glitter, and frippery, etc. has the ability to soothe and take us outside of ourselves as well.  The cares and stresses of the day soothed with artistic expression.

This week, we are showing our Zentangles (and we highly encourage you to play along), we want you to share your zentangles.  You don't have to be perfect. Lord knows we aren't. Just doodle. Get a pen and make an ATC, or an inchie, or a bookmark. OR just decorate the notepad next to your phone. It's very relaxing. Yours won't be like ours. Heck, ours aren't like ours.

While there are websites that have pretty good directions on what to do, the best thing to do, is just start doodling.

Who knows, you might just become addicted. Like we did.


Rosemary here and who knew doodling could be so fun?

I've been filling a small watercolor journal with at least one zentangle a day.  My little book and pens reside in my purse where they help me pass the time; at the doctor's office, waiting at the store, or sitting around at lunchtime.

Like this - I think there is supposed to be rules on size and shape but I apparently don't follow them, I like filling in lots of shapes.  Hands, circles, squares, loop de loops....

I cut up a couple of my zentangle pages to cover a chipboard box I painted with a glossy black acrylic. 



Side view

Here's a couple of ATCs, one on white cardstock and the other two on the watercolor paper. 


JANA HERE:  I made some ATC's that I really like. I do like the way they look, but more than that, I like the way I am relaxed while and after I am doodling. It's a time in which your mind doesn't worry about anything. Just doodling. Anyway, I had a couple of frames lying around that were supposed to be for another project, so I framed my amateur Zentangles.

They reside in our family room. It was hubby's idea. He even hung them up.
He must think they're pretty cool too.

I also just sent off a couple of ATC's and a bookmark for a swap I was in over at Swap-Bot.


Now it's your turn.

Grab a pen and a piece of paper, AND start doodling.

And don't forget to show us what you did...


Deena said...

Who knew the doodling that used to get me in trouble in grade school had an actual name..would love to go back to my teachers now and let them know that i was actually a zentangle artist and not just easily distracted...huh?? must go create!

Hazel said...

Super Zentangles - love them. I've only had a go at his once (but used to regularly doodle when I shouldn't have) - must have another go x

June Houck said...

Oh, how fun! These are gorgeous...all of them worth framing and hanging. I wasn't aware of the name "zentangles"...thanks for schooling me :)

Casii said...

Very cool, visually stimulating and relaxing if that makes any sense. I did the material girls challenge, but have yet to post it on my blog. Darn track meets! LOL

Electra said...

Here I am! I got in under the wire! Yours are gorgeous, both of you, Poobahs, and mine? Well, I try to never miss a challenge. Thanks for a little kick in the artistic pants!

Beverly G said...

I left you girls some love over at my place, look forward to playing here often.