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Monday, April 25, 2011

Challenge #99 - The Crown Jewels

Hope that this week finds you well and contented, wherever you happen to be.


Your Poobahs wanted to be possibly the first to tell you this, because you may not have heard.  It's been really kept kind of quiet and low key, but there is this madcap couple planning to get married, you may have heard of them...

William and KATE (I know, they want her to be Catherine, and that's all well and good but Kate sounds lovely too)

(aren't they cute together?)

Yeah, they are tying the knot.
We know, when was anyone going to tell us? 
Apparently our invites were lost in the Royal Post. 

So, now you know too. 
In honor of this, the Opus Gluei Poobahs hereby decree the latest theme to be


You may draw inspiration to make something in jewel-tones, with lots of lovely blingy-ness, something regarding this low profile wedding, perhaps a wedding card for someone you know (maybe even these crazy kids), a scrapbook layout about your wedding, or whatever your heart and mind take from this just have to share with all the rest of us. 
Fair's fair.


Jana here: I decided to make a couple of postcard sized pieces. The first one is of the official guardian of the Family Jewels.

She isn't very good at her job. She keeps dropping them, unless they find their way around her neck and on her ears. But she's cute so we keep her around.

Of course you can't forget about the Princesses when speaking of Crown Jewels. I happen to have 3 princesses of my very own, AND I happen to have this adorable stamp set. Now I realize that they aren't wearing crowns, but they are princesses just the same. And quite happy about it too. (You can get more details on my blog HERE.)


Hello!  Rosemary here and yes, all the shiny jewels have mesmerized me.  Actually, I'm transfixed to the television watching the 1,000 hours of programming this week all about the royals.  I need to free up the DVR so I can tape all the festivities to watch like an addict on Friday night after work.  Is there a 12-step program for someone like me?

I wanted to make Royal ATCs, like baseball cards for closeted Anglophiles like me.  With a cheeky sense of humor.  (Unlike Queen Victoria)

So I chose three of the best known historical British monarchs and had a bit of fun.  Forgive me for the awful and crookedy photography.  I'll never make it as a paparrazzo...thank goodness.

Queen Elizabeth I

King Henry VIII

Queen Victoria


So, crack open a bottle of the good stuff and have a stiff drink, brew a piping hot pot of tea, make some scones, get some clotted cream and strawberries, glue yourself to telly, and drink in all the glorious pageantry and pomp of a royal wedding.  Although these kids may just get wild(er) and elope, you never know.

(Let's all just hope that between the inner workings of the monarchy and the British press that this young woman doesn't get mad into a nervous wreck with eating disorders and self esteem issues.  She seems like a nice girl and he seems a nice fella. And it doesn't hurt that they are a couple of cuties too.)

Show us your CROWN JEWELS.


Hazel said...

Fab challenge - hope my entry is OK - it's a bit offbeat. x

Electra said...

I can't participate in this one as I'm flying to London. Hah! I wish.
Be back later.

lisbonlioness said...

Rosemary, your cards crack me up! They must be the coolest cards featuring any kind of royalty I have ever seen. EVER. You should send them to Buckingham Palace and get them royally mass- produced to enhance the image of the family in case them two youngsters get divorced soon (like everybody else in that family seemed to ^^)

Unknown said...

WOw, love your ATC's! Always been interested in the British Monarchy and you did a fantastic job!

Beverly G said...

Love your challenges and your projects this time are very clever.

Bobbi said...

Thanks once again for a fun challenge.