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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Challenge #65 - Fun with Ephemera

Ephemera is defined by Merriam-Webster's online dictionary as "...something of no lasting significance...paper items that were originally meant to be discarded (as posters, broadsides, tickets) after use but have since become collectibles.

Obviously, written by a partner who wants his/her partner to offload their paper stash.

But we're Opus Gluei and we know better, emphemera is COOL stuff and this means a great challenge!

To us, ephemera is any little bits and pieces you have collected - you know, as you're going through the mail and thinking - ooh, that's an interesting logo, photo, etc.

Now is your chance to let that EPHEMERA out - be loud and be proud with your EPHEMERA!!!

Challenge #65 is - FUN WITH EPHEMERA


Rosemary here and I was looking through my little folder of treasures that catch my eye when I came across a marketing brochure that was trying to entice me to become a direct seller of some natural supplement. BAZINGA! Just what I wanted for some silliness!

First up are two ATCs using two of their top sellers - enhanced with pages from an old book I'm using up for art's sake and the marketing brochure (as well as snips and scraps from my stash of stuff) -

My next project involved a quote from this same brochure that just seemed made for a card - and the added quotation marks are a nice touch - add some paper scraps (including a lace edge punched from a book page) and VOILA - a card!
If you want further deets on these projects - please see my blog

* * *

JANA is going to try to get something done for this challenge. She
had a horrendous trip home from D.C. yesterday and was hours later getting home than she anticipated. It really cut into her planned crafty time. Cuz she had to spend time huggin' on her other daughters and wouldn't give that up. SO... check back maybe on Wednesday, or Thursday, or even tomorrow. Heck she doesn't even know. It'll be a surprise for everyone.
* * *


Anonymous said...

OMG Rosemary! Those cards are H-Y-S-T-E-R-I-C-A-L!!! "She keeps her nose clean" (?) "That's why they use a stick" (?)

Too Freakin' funny!

This one is going to be a FUN FUN FUN challenge, I'm sure!

Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Girlsinthecraft said...

Just finished this this morning---and still have the glue on my hands, ha! This was fun!

Deb Neerman said...

Lovin' your creations, Ladies!

This was a fabulous challenge ... loved every messy second of it! Always so much fun to be had over here ... I ♥ the Gluei's!

PS: How exactly does one become a "Greenhorn" and/or a Groupie? I feel I'm missing out on something ... I hate that feeling, lolol!

Sending hugs!!

1CardCreator said...

I love these! Too funny! ~Diane

Jana said...

Deb, I'll fit you for a pair of horns this weekend. You most certainly qualify.

Electra said...

This was a fun challenge. I had fun with my epehemera. But then I always have fun with your challenges. OK, I'm rambling. But I had fun. Lots.