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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Challenge # 62 - Far Out

This week we are sending you into space. This time it's outer space. Martians, aliens, robots, spaceships, moons, planets, heck, even the Zodiac is fair game.

* * *
Jana here: I made a card for my hubby's birthday. I know, it should be a little more grown up, but it wouldn't match his GI Joe themed party. (This one doesn't either, but at least it's cute.)

This week we have a guest designer. Melissa made her father a birthday card.
For more details about Jana's and Melissa's cards go to Jana's blog I CAN'T WANNA.


Rosemary here and my project is a birthday card for a boy

I used three papers from a cute little set entitled Rockets 'n' Sprockets (Recollections, purchased at Michael's)

For more details, please go to my personal blog

I apologize for the poor appearance of the card, my digital camera has died

I guess I overused it and so I've treated myself to a new one that hasn't arrived...yet...

and I'm feeling really lost without a working camera, so I had to scan.  You can't tell it from the scan, but the robot head is on pop dots for some dimensional interest!

Look!  A second project just added!!!  I used stamps from the same manufacturer as the papers and used them to stamp an unfinished wood frame I painted glossy red.  Add an adorable photo of my nephew (noshing on his s'more) and his wonderful mommy and done!

Now let's see your SPACE PROJECT.


Gini said...

I wasn't sure where to post my ice cream late one. So if this is the wrong place, oops sorry!
My picture is here


Electra said...

Woo hoo, mine is done! Melissa, your card is awesome, and of course, so are yours, Poobahs, but that's no surprise. Gini, can there ever be a wrong place to post something on Opus Gluei??

Chat Noir said...
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Chat Noir said...

Sorry, that was me above... having trouble with Mr Linky, then Voila! it worked. I think I need to go to bed... posting after midnight makes me cross-eyed!!