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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Show Off Time

The projects this week are outta this world. You all made our mouths drop open. Some of us even gasped. These are all amazing. Your talent never seizes to humble me. I am honored to be associated with you artists.

Amy's moon is just heavenly. The background color is one of my fav's, so that naturally caught my eye. This piece is cheery and whimsical and just downright makes me smile.


I am always pleasantly surprised at how beautiful Chat Noir's black and white projects turn out. And this one is no different. The creativity and vision here are fantastic. Love that Earth is bling.

* * *
Gini's Lady and Knight Errant were submitted for the Ice Cream challenge. I love these sherbert colors. You really must check out her blog. The stories are hilarious. I do hope Knight Errant can handle this damsel.
(Remember, you can always submit a project for ANY of our challenges. We just want to see what you've made. You know, in case we want to copy it. I mean, admire it. Yeah, that's it, admire it.)(If one link is closed, hit up the current one - again, we're cool like that)

* * *
Electra's green alien ATC has captured my heart. He's just adorable. And a bit nervous. But I guess I would be too on a foreign planet.

We love that you play with us. You all are so very talented and we appreciate that you share your talents.
(I really feel like I need to add MAN to the above statement - KWIM?)

Thank you.

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