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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Challenge #64 - What's Cookin', Good Lookin'?

Your challenge this week is a food theme. Incorporate food into your creation. You know,
What's Cookin', Good Lookin'?
Pretty simple isn't it?

That's the point, lots of room to interpret however you like.
* * *
Jana here: I made some MENU DICE. I made three of them to help jump-start the menu planning. The one on the far left is for side dishes (steamed rice, flavored rice, pasta, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes or fries), the middle one is for the main entree (beef, pork, chicken, seafood, sausage or pasta) and the one on the right designates the style (American, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Take-Out or Go-Out). It's very simple, roll one of the dice to get a general direction. Or roll all of the dice to get the whole meal.
I also got a bit further with my photo stand recipe holder. A few months back I got this photo holder at a craft store (with a coupon - SCORE) and decided that it would be GREAT as a recipe holder. It is PERFECT. It holds the recipes up above the bowls and ingredients, so you can see the recipe without a problem.

I started out with a digital design for my "awesome RIBS",

And then picked out a matching side dish of "Broccole Salad", (this card was made the old-fashioned way with paper and glue)

And figured I'd end the meal with a scrumptious dessert of "Pink Lemonade Pie". (this card was also made the old fashioned way)

I made a card too, but you'll have to go see it on my blog. I think I have shown enough here for one week.


Rosemary here - currently the family classic recipes and new classics reside in a blue plastic binder. Practical, but dull. It's a mishmash of clippings, photocopies, and it looks junky. So when Jana and I were discussing this challenge, I thought hmmm...this is a great opportunity to do something more colorful, more interesting, and so on with all these recipes.

I was going to make a chipboard album but realized that it wouldn't be that practical either since it will need to take a bit of a beating and while a little distressing makes for a cute look, it doesn't work for actual use.

So, I'm using an 8"x8" scrapbook album, with a canvas cover it will withstand more abuse AND with plastic sleeves inside, the actual recipes might actually make it a generation longer!

(don't bust my chops too much for my amateurish attempt to take out family names from my recipe pages)

The first two recipes had to be two of my most used recipes - a delicious dessert and a great recipe for using up leftover turkey (hey, the holidays aren't THAT far away)

Used a French/Creole flavor for this page

and then a homespun look for this page

(more details on what I did can be found at my personal blog)

* * *
Let's see what you can COOK UP this week!


Anonymous said...

OMG! I just found your site from The Daily Dare and am literally Rolling on the floor laughing my *** off!
Your title, your banner, your oath, your team pictures, your phrasing... I'm having a BALL being here!
I'll try to come up with something tasty for this challenge, but I just HAD to pop in to say how happy I am to have found you! (-:

by the way, the dinner dice: LOVE THAT! What a cute, creative, and helpful idea!

Deena said...

love the dice...might have to make my own version of those...what a great idea for dinner time!!!

Electra said...

Those dice are a hoot!!! If I made them each side would have "go out", though. the two of you put me to shame. I don't even use recipes, let alone have them lookin' so purty!

Jessica G. said...

Hello, Poobahs! Fun theme -- I'm getting hungry just looking at these projects. The meal dice and recipe stand are so clever not to mention that the lemonade pie sounds scrumptious!!

Le said...

Long time I have not included and I missed you.
Now I'll show you my first miniature.
I hope you like it!
Hugs. Le

1CardCreator said...

Love the dice and those recipes look scrumptious (good thing I can zoom in on them, I guess they are not family secrets anymore) I've missed my Poo Bahs! Take care, ~Diane

Scrappy said...

Awesome projects here girls! Can't wait to get a minute to play along! :)

Kim Mc said...

I couldn't get the Linky thing to work for me so here's mine.

Thanks, Kim Mc

Chat Noir said...

My first thought was what a great excuse to go and organise my recipes out of the folder they're in.... but that was WAY to hard. Then I considered cooking, but wasn't making anything even remotely impressive, so went back to the paper piles instead.....

Love those dice Jana, but what if you dont want to do what they say?

Electra said...

I'm like Chat Noir. My recipes are STILL a mess. Look at the talent here tho!!

Jana said...

If I don't like what the dice tell me, I cheat and roll again. hehehehe