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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Challenge #38 - Do you HEART your ART?

Our challenge this week is a two-fer.

First, we want you to express your feelings about art; arts and crafts, artistic expression, artists of note, the arts themselves in music on the stage and screen, heck - even express yourself about Art Carney if the spirit moves you like that! ...


Second, we would like you to make five (5) Artist Trading Cards (or as they are commonly known, ATCs) of your project to TRADE amongst all of us who participate.

A lot of folks collect them as they are. Like baseball cards.

We have used them to embellish cards and scrapbook pages too.

QUICK OVERVIEW OF ATCs: ATCs have two rules: their size which must be 2-1/2" x 3-1/2" (but you can make the orientation of an ATC either portrait OR landscape), and the the fact that they are traded - NEVER sold. Otherwise, the media you use or other elements are entirely up to you.

(The backs of your ATCs should be numbered: 1 of 5, 2 of 5, etc., and we'd like you to put your name and your blog address on your ATCs)

That's right - your poobahs have actually limited you on the TYPE of project to submit - an ATC.

Thought it might be fun to have an ATC swap! Cuz, we're cool like that.

Once you have posted the link to your submission and indicated that you would like to trade with us, we'll contact you to get you the mailing address to send in your cards.

Jana here with my ATCs for this challenge!

(The above was scanned on our super, cool, new Epson printer-scanner-copier.

The picture below was taken with my old digi camera on the kitchen table on a rainy morning.

I like the scan WAYYYYYY better. The scan shows the real colors and textures.)

I took the literal HEART interpretation for this one. I punched 100 hearts out of pinks and reds, outlined them with gold marker and glued them onto a black background randomly. Then cut into 6 each 2.5 by 3.5 ATC's. I made 6 of them because I have a hard time trading my ATC's. I like them and want to keep them, so I am keeping one of them and sending the other 5 into the swap.

I think they kind of look like iced sugar cookies...

(Rosemary sneaking in here- THEY DO look like iced sugar cookies and I'm amazed at your determination for punching out 100 hearts - YIKES and BRAVA)




Rosemary here, I went with a series of ATCs rather than five identical ATCs. They all celebrate art as I see it from my skewed perspective. The common item throughout is at least one heart on each ATC. I played with a gold leafing pen, clip art, distress inks, buttons, postcards, ephemera galore, chipboard, glimmer mist and masks, and Stickles.

I just had to do an ATC of Martha, it seemed so natural (it's a good thing) and I think she looks awesome in her headress and regalia!

Since I love stitching of all sorts - knitting, sewing, cross-stitch, etc., had to give props to the gentle needlearts!
I don't paint per se but this idea seemed kind of cute - a freeform artist's palette with the paint blobs heart shaped.

I also thought that you should find inspiration all around you and so voila -

So, we hope you consider participating - it's delightful to see the inspiring projects you submit and we can't wait to see the ATCs you come up with and sharing them with each other!


Amrita said...

Wishing you gals warmth and happiness.Love Amrita

Chat Noir said...

Oh my goodness....... talk about outside the comfort zone AND five times!! Okay, clearing the decks to make a start.

Actually I've always been attracted to inchies and twinchies (which I think is someone's blog name) because you can do so much in a tiny space. This is a chance to see if I can put my thoughts into words (or ATCs).

Thanks for your kind words today.


Kristen H said...

WHERE IS MY STAR CARD???? WHERE IS IT??? IT WASN"T MY BEST EVER CREATION, BUT does that mean to cast it aside and forget it? I am going to go soak in the tub and cry my eyes out.
Just kidding. (you forgot to share my star card!)

love you ladies, have a GREAT week!

Electra said...

First of all, I'm going to check back until I see Kristen's star card. Second, I was so excited about doing these that I put my email addy instead of my blog address on the backs, so they're going to come with a Post it note attached and NO, I will not redo them. Love your work ladies, as always, here is mine. I'm delighted that we are doing an exhange!

Kristen H said...

Here is mine!
I have made my ATCs, and a heart related card, but I haven't received an email about where you would like them sent first of all. And secondly, I don't know if I am going to share, unless I receive recognition for my star card! Thank you so much Electra for caring enough to go and look! (I hope you all know I am not as offended as I am playing to be). There is no sarcasm font, or I would be using it. Love you all!

Chat Noir said...

Okay, they took nearly a week (small white lie) but here they are:

How do I put "here" with the link instead of inserting the whole address? Thanks for the challenge ladies!

Christa G A.K.A. Camouse said...

Whew, I'm flying just a bit under the wire here but I finished my first ever ATCs. Here's the link...

Christa G.