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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Where the Heck is the Opus-Gluei Theme? Recap of Recent Themes and Your Submissions

Hello! Rosemary here - If you are looking for the latest Order of the Opus-Gluei challenge and don't see it, well it is because I'd like to recap some of your recent projects for Themes 19 and 20 - Books and Elvis. Hey, that could be a catchy little tome of its own - Books and Elvis!

I will be posting our latest theme tomorrow (Monday) so there will be a theme this week. Hope you don't mind these delays - it's just that (and you all know how this is) things get hectic in your real life and sometimes you just don't get everything on the "to do" list "ta da done" - know what I mean?
So, Book 'Em brought out a lot of creativity in our loyal members and I loved visiting to see what you made - I highly recommend taking a moment to peruse your fellow Gluei-pies blogs and not only for the projects for our challenges but just to see the creativity on all sorts of projects! You collaged, cut, pasted, altered, sewed, blinged, and just plain had fun with this theme!

Meikoningin coined a title I'd never heard but love - bruised books - and here are two examples of her altered and collaged art. Really cool, I've always said I'm going to try altered books but haven't, but I'm getting more and more inspired and so I know I shall soon! Check out her Coneberry Village Chronicles as well; I love the wit, whimsy and cleverness she puts into each home and its inhabitants!

Our dear Phinny created an altered journal celebrating a lifelong love for books, and I can entirely relate to that! I find that quite often, crafters are bibliophiles from childhood and just adore reading. Phinny's use of masterpieces of art to me is a subtle homage to the classic and timeless nature of a good book to inspire and move us. Love that! Check out Phinny's blog for lots of beauty to look at and be inspired by!
Melisa is new to our challenge blog and already she gets us - YAY! Check out her journal that she made using a repurposed book, but made her own for a journal with collage and her own carved stamps. Another excellent blog to visit and poke around to see all the things she makes!

Casii also has made art for our challenge and it's beautiful and so meaningful. A handsewn book for her daughter's friend, isn't that cool? Casii has a fun blog, she puts up enjoyable music (and I'm not normally a music on the blog kind of gal, but hers changes so frequently and almost always has a running theme to it that you'll love it too), and has so many neat things that she's involved in that you're just enjoying the browse!

Now Bobbi is also back and I'm just amazed at how much she (and all of you) get accomplished in your lives! She made a poster to decorate her niece's bridal shower and check it out - what a keepsake for the couple's memory book! A storybook theme that is just so darn cute! I love it, it has color and bling and romance - who could ask for anything more? (and yes, I'm humming that as I type it!)


and now we have Theme 20 - (sigh swoon, ELVIS). I loved Jana's digital ATC for the King, it was really sweet to see the images of the King of Rock and Roll captured along with her memories of Elvis.

Me? I was such a goober and hemmed and hawwed to the point where I didn't get anything done until today. My contribution is a post (with photos) of Elvis and how I loved his wonderful, breezy, cheesy movies - and I say that with complete and unadulterated affection!

Marni made her own digital page in honor of Elvis that shows the handsome man with a hint of vulnerability, even in his fame. What a cool and fitting tribute to big E!

Here's another great Elvis project from our friend Fia! Love her homage to the "The King" - FOREVER! He did have a beautiful voice!

So, bear with me and we'll have a great theme posted on Monday to hopefully inspire you to make some great art as always!


Amrita said...

Hi Jana and Rosemary.

Bobbi said...

Thanks Jana and Rosemary I received the nice little package full of goodies.
I understand about how hectic things become, I am busy raising my 2 beautiful grandsons Curtis 5-yrs and Levi 11-months; my days seem to flow right in to each other before I know it it's Sunday, Lord know where my week went.
If I don't post for your challenges you should know I am lurking (when I find the time).
thanks again for the goodie package.