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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Challenge #221 - Love is all you Need!

It's Valentine's Day and crafters are blessed with the ability to be inspired by their love of friends and family to create from their hearts.  What a gift.

So, what is love inspiring in you to create?  Did you make something beautiful for your best friend? Your partner?  Your kids?  Oh, please share it with us and inspire love to burst out all over.

Our theme is (courtesy of the Beatles):


Let's see what the Poobahs are creating from the heart!

Chat Noir slipping in with a small offering in my favourite colours of black and white (yes I know they're not really colours but this is Opus Gluei where ANYTHING GOES!!), and a little bit of red.  
Its just what I would have made for my husband who loved these colours.  Its just a crazy collection of heart shapes floating on a cloudy piece of soft fluffy paper.  Love IS all you need.

Deena here:

Valentine's day - 'tis the season for love and this is my lovey dove card for the day...I like the colour scheme for this one as it is not a traditional valentine, but it still works and has a "bit" of masculinity to it....

Rosemary here and I am sharing a layout I made from our autumn wedding anniversary trip.  Each of these LOVE fonts came from the Cricut, I love that Cricut and I think the repetitiveness and drawing colors from the rest of the layout works.  I think the theme is pretty self explanatory.

Please share your beauties with us below by linking to your blog post in the comments section have until 2/28/16.