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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Challenge 222 - Photo Inspiration

Every four years we get an extra day in the calendar, so why not spend that extra day doing something freeing - like creating art or enjoying a craft?

Here's something to give you a jump start (or should it be LEAP start for leap year?)


For this challenge we are asking you to create with this as your inspiration.  Use what ever medium you enjoy and however you interpret this photo inspiration.
Is this peaceful to you?  Lonely? 
Do you immediately gravitate to the colors of the rocks, the skyline, or the sky?
Sunrise or sunset?

Let's see what the Poobahs were inspired to make

Deena here:

I chose to follow along with the colours from the picture and the earthy feel of the wood background...

Chat Noir sneaking in just a little late with some cards I made that use some of the glorious colours of this image.  The first thing I did was hunt through the shelves to look for the papers.....oh dear, I wont need to buy anything for a l-o-n-g time.  But to get to the point....two general purpose cards to add to my stash:

So what will you create?

Please add a link to your blog post and project in the comments to this post. 
Our next challenge will post on Sunday, March 13th