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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Challenge #220 - Playing Favorites (Colors)

You know, we all have colors or styles we naturally gravitate to and while we love to shake things up sometimes, there is something very welcoming about our favorites.

For this challenge the Poobahs are asking you to indulge that side of your crafting self and go ahead,

Play Favorites

Love all the soothing shades of blue?  Show us what you make with it!
Get revved up by RED?  ENERGIZE us too!
Does ORANGE make your heart sing?  Make our hearts sing too!
Yellow, yellow, any takers for yellow out there?  Let's see all sorts of lemony-inspired art!
Think that any shade of pink is the perfect shade of pink?  YES YES YES, we want to see!
Green can be gentle spring shades or rich robust hues?  Get your vibrant green on!
They say purple is a royal color, so let's see some powerful purples!
Or do you prefer the subdued elegance of black/white?  Lead us to your creativity!

A color theme works no matter where you are and we all have go-to colors so give it a try!

Here's your Poobah's favorites:

Chat Noir here with a collection of cards I made while inspiration struck (and I was allowed to use my favourite things!!).  

You can see them more clearly on my blog, but in essence, two use tri-fold cards, and the others are big square ones, in my favourite BLACK.  I love the simplicity of black and white (or cream), but there are hints of other colours here too.... a little red, and a little green.  

This one is my favourite, and the flower was so easy to make.  At last, a use for all that string I had to have (I've used at least 6" here....the rest will last my lifetime!!).

Deena here:

Having two girls, naturally one of my favourite colours to work with became pink, but now that they are teens, I don't find the need to work with it nearly as often, but I still love it.  At least with them being in full time dance classes, I can still get away with pink cards for their ballet teacher without too much eye rolling from them.

JUST LINK your blog post in the comments below and inspire us with your beautiful creation(s).  You've got until FEBRUARY 14th to share.