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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Recap - I Can See Clearly Now

Okay, we've gotten behind (okay REALLY behind) on recapping our recent challenges. So, let's just (for now) start with the latest challenge to use plastic, acetate, clear something on and in your projects. We got great submittals and love how you gave the challenge a whirl. Love that you let the challenge ruminate and then try something, that's exactly what I do when I'm trying to figure out what best represents the challenge we're contemplating. Ruminate, contemplate - must be something I "ate."

All right then, enough wordiness (I'm wordy, drives Jana crazy but she loves me anyway - right?)

Here are (in no particular order) the submittals we received this past week:

I'd be in tears to receive this beautiful card but Moshie has candy in the box the card is attached to. Oh yeah, that's a great idea! I'm loving all the pretty pink (love love love that) and the beautiful way this is executed. I mean it is gorgeous, dimensional, sweet sentiment, what more could you want? Someone is going to feel so special when they receive this card, Moshie!

This rooster that Susan used as the centerpiece for her project just catches your eye and looks so great! What a perfect piece to set off the rest of this card. Her acetate piece is the clock face but there are also so many eye-catching vintage, romantic, sparkly, textural elements to this and it comes together perfectly. To quote it - Magnifique!
Welcome to Marielle, who I believe is new to Opus Gluei! WELCOME! Hope you stay for more challenges. Marielle used this adorable image for her card and she's so sweet! With the additional vintage elements of ribbons and swirls and fantasy, this card has romance and a really sweet vibe. She's too cute to be a diva!

Ah Chat Noir - you make the most elegant cards. She used acetate with designs on it in two cards for this challenge, the first has a distinctly Asian theme and it's marvelous; it has clean, simple and classic lines to it. Very chic!

Her second card is a sympathy card, perhaps the most difficult type of card to make (IMHO), again, this is beautiful.

Now Gini made this absolutely adorable card and she used clear product in the clear swirls. But what you're going to love (I did) is the very cool ribbon weaving she added to the card. Loving the colors and textures and how it just adds a little extra special something to make a spectacular card!
Here is Electra, and Electra has this funny, sassy, spirited blog that you should go and visit - be prepared to laugh out loud. She is into so many different kinds of media and makes very cool projects, like these ATCs using laminated food wrap. They look so good and I'm sorry but the hippie chick makes me giggle (and I love the dimensional aspect).What? No whirled peas? Very cool effects, now have a tutorial so we can really visualize how to do it! THANKS!

and if all this crafty goodness isn't inspiring enough, look what our friend Fran made - a luminaria! I'm seriously loving this and am going to lift the idea for a party. Fran, this is great! You could use this with a tea light or if you're afraid of burning down the house (and not in the good party on way) then this is perfect for the battery operated tea light! GREAT IDEA!

So, that's it for this recap and I'm going to do my darndest this coming week to catch up a little each day on those great projects we haven't given a shout out to!

Hope you keep playing over here with us, we love to see what you do with our challenges!!!!

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