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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Challenge #60 - It's as Easy as ABC

We're challenging you this week to perhaps go outside your comfort zone and try something different. This is a very open challenge but we're asking you to create ANYTHING, but it has to be ANYTHING BUT A CARD.

You can try making an ATC, an inchie, twinchie, mini, moo, bookmark, create a scrapbook layout, a mini album, shaker box, page embellishment, plant marker, frame, alter a birdhouse, make some jewelry, crochet a doily, knit an iPod holder, and so on.

The sky (and your imagination) are the limit!
* * *
Jana here: I made the cover for an art journal I am working on. I have the deets over at my place.
It took me a few days because there is painting and drying. Then collecting images. Selecting images. Cutting them out. Arranging them and glueing them down.
It isn't complete because I am making it for a class I am taking, and we have only gotten this far, so far...

I can't recall from whence all the images came, but will try my darnedest to figure it out if you ask.

And now on to Rosemary. Her project is freakin' awesome. I had to show you mine first so I wouldn't be a let down after seeing hers. Sneaky, I know. But, what cha gonna do??????


Rosemary here, and what I've made are going to probably end up as embellishments - one on a card and one on a scrapbook layout. I was inspired by Christine Middlecamp's blog, where she's had a continuing project/tutorial altering mini doilies. I got inspired by them and boy, does this lady use a lot of product. Hey, I have a lot of product - this may be just my kind of project! For more details on what I used, blah blah blah, c'mon over to my weird little personal blog and have a read.

The first is probably going to be the one for a card and I'm going to call her Lida Rose, she's kind of a sassy gal (hanging out with the suffragettes and all) and this is just a little compilation of odds and ends suggesting her world - her beau is fighting the Kaiser in France (his name is Abner).

My second embellished doily (and let me tell you these little guys are pretty small) is my homage to Mary Engelbreit. It's no secret I love the ME stuff and so I've got a pretty decent stash. The fun thing about this project has been creating texture and height using buttons and chipboard, and punches, and lions and tigers and oh my (oops, got carried away there). I think I'll end up using this for a layout on the humble abode.


NOW show us your ABC project.


Chat Noir said... where did I put that pattern for a knitted iPod holder?

Rosemary said...

Dollars to donuts, I'll bet there is one out there in the blogosphere!

Carol Hurlock said...

Ok, so this project was right up my alley...not card. But I am NOT doing something like this again in a long time. The mess from punching and die cutting had me vacuuming all day today...I mean I tracked that stuff all over the's like glitter!!! lol Jana and Rosemary...loved your projects. Want to check out the doily thing, but does that make a mess too??? lol

Divya Rao said...

Linky didn't like me :( I tried twice and couldn't get it to said 'something went wrong' and asked me to start over. So anyway, here's the link to my project -

Happy crafting!

Electra said...

What's a Moo? What's an IPOD? Rosemary, I LOVE the ME doily, it's priceless, and Jana, you get a big shout out from me for this journal cover. Everywhere I look, there's something else!
Mine is done. Thanks for pushing us to step ouside of our comfort zone, ladies!

Kim Mc said...

Missed this one...but here's mine anyways!

Aloha, Kim Mc