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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday Recap - challenge #59 - ..."We ALL Scream for Ice Cream"

Okay, the Poobahs apologize that this challenge theme may have led to the downfall of many a healthy regimen. We feel your pain and our waistbands digging into our lovely flesh from our indulgence in the ol' ice cream too!

I am also embarrassed that, as one of your Poobahs, I've let the week get by without adding a project. Oh dear. Here are my excuses and why I can't use them:

  • Work was really busy this week (really? Jana had a fraktastically busy week and SHE posted a lovely happy card...and so I ate some ice cream)
  • The vuvuzelas at World Cup triggered a terrible reaction (okay, as annoying as they are, they didn't. Oh, and had you asked me a week ago what a vuvuzela was - I'd have responded - Do I look like a doctor? Uh, ew, tmi pal tmi)
  • The dog ate my project (we don't have a dog)
  • Family issues emerged (okay this IS true - but it's yet another re-emergence of the Evil Relative Who Won't Take the Hint and Leave us alone. However, that's as predictable as well, cicadas emerging every 17 years and being out of gas on the morning you're late for work - so it won't work)

Your Poobah promises here and now, with all of you as witnesses, to post something this weekend to this challenge. But just because I'm Slowpoke McJoke, doesn't mean that YOU shouldn't get some love for your grand projects. It was fun seeing how you interpreted this challenge theme and we got cards, ATCs, and layouts in response. THAT'S WONDERFUL!!!

So, without further ado (and Jana has already skipped past all this wordy stuff and is enjoying the photos) here we go!


First up in our little roundup is the adorable Molly Moo, courtesy of Scrappy who has made a card that is sweet and gentle but also is sending the subliminal message to go and have a couple of scoops like right now. I'll wait for you to get back before moo-ving on. (tee hee) The background paper is making me think of those little Neopolitan ice cream logs that you got at childhood parties back in the day. You always hoped the birthday kid's dad cut the slices because they'd just be super generous while the mommies were realizing they'd have sugar-crazed kids in 30 mins. Back from snack? Okay, well Scrappy this is a lot of fun and very enjoyable!!! Next up is Amy and she bears adorable as well - her little sock monkey and his treat are just wonderful. Happy colors, great image and yes, incorporation of our challenge theme!

Oh my gosh, this little fella looks like he is definitely going to scream for his ice cream, as well as anything else he wants. This great, happy, and colorful ATC is courtesy of Mandy and it's a winner! Maybe he's just cross because his playsuit is riding up!

As soon as I saw this, I was smiling ear to ear seeing the photos for this little glimpse of the joy of childhood. The absolute delight on this little'un's face is so cute! This is a joyous page and comes to us courtesy of Electra!

Oh my gosh, Chat Noir! This is great and so you. Why do I say that when this is color and Chat Noir prefers black and white? Well, because it is clever (she used a CB folder to get the texture of the cone), a little sassy (she had to cut the cute by having the cone tip), and clean and simple (see the b/w in the background and then the little touches of bling). Loverly!!!!

So, that's it for this week's recap, but we'll add more if we get some more submittals! So don't be shy, make something arty!
And don't forget to stop over here and see what our next challenge will be!


Electra said...

Rosemary. LISTEN UP. Eating ice cream is as much a contribution as what any of us did. I salute you!

Chat Noir said...

.....yeah but cut to the important bit. What flavour??? I know a place that does fabulous Lindt Chocolate, but its just a bit far to get to today (and its mighty chilly here in OZ too).....

Stef H said...

oh r u ever hysterical!!!