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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Rewind # 48 - Now that we've all been Felt up...

Just look at the wonderful creations you can make when you've been Felt up...

In no particular order...

Chat Noir made these wonderful felt flowers and turned this card into quite the elegant Birthday card.

Ivolina's bunny is the cutest little guy. I just love his bow tie.

Helen pegged the colors on this layout. Love those three petal flowers.

Electra's fabric postcard left me speechless. (and that ain't no easy feat)
Love the stippling and the butterfly.
Thank you ladies.


Electra said...

Hi Poobahs et al. Rosemary, I would love to take you up on your offer. This was just another fun challenge in poaradise! Happy Easter everyone!

Helen Ding said...

Ah thanks! My hubby wondered what I was going on about when I was shouting 'Opus Gluei picked me' I was surprised to see my layout on your site! Fab challenge, I look forward to taking part in more :o)

Birgit and Marni said...

Love your challenges!!!! And the names that you come up with!!! Thanks for getting me going with my crafting. Can't wait to dry the next one. Take care!!!