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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Rewind - Challenge #50 - For the Birds

Apparently you didn't think we were bird-brained when it came to this challenge - we got great submittals! It makes us so happy to know that you enjoy our challenges and just run with them and make them your own!!!

Without further adieu, let's see what everyone made! Shared for your viewing pleasure in no particular order. Check out each other's blogs and get even more inspiration and make some bloggy friends. We really enjoy stopping by and visiting to see not only our challenge but what other projects you're working on.

Chat Noir thought she was too late (you are never too late for an Opus Gluei challenge) to enter this elegant treat for our peeps. I love the simple lines and the calm in this card. That little sparkle of dew is a wonderful surprise.

Look at Susan's gorgeous robin on this card - there are so many elements to make you ooh and ahh over. There's the perfect spring colors, the coloring on the robin, the dimensional element, and the embellishments. So pretty and love the use of the patterned paper behind the robin to add the feeling of the outdoors.
Deb is a new participant (WELCOME TO THE BLOG) and aren't we lucky to have her here - I'm thinking we're going to be getting some beautiful projects for our challenges and lots of inspiration over at her blog! Love this card, it has pretty colors, a sweet little theme, and isn't the coloring great? I'm loving the ribbon and the buttons as well. It all just comes together.

Divya created this layout with gorgeous photos her husband took. You might be saying - but they are flowers, how does that go with the theme of birds? The flowers are bird of paradise (LOL) - now, THAT is thinking outside the box! Love it!
Le made a beautiful card with a very clean, elegant, and classy take on our bird challenge. This has a romantic but modern vibe to it and it also makes you feel happy looking at it. and Le was inspired to submit an additional card, THANK YOU, and look at how great it is! It is arty, like her first project, but it has its own completely different vibe - and check out the way it is at one glance leaves and then birds. Le includes how she approaches her work and I love getting a glimpse of the process. Really beautiful!

Deb is new to our challenges (WELCOME ABOARD) (and HEY, another Deb) and look at these fun, fabulous felt birdies! These are just two examples and you have to visit her blog and see the others. You're going to be hitting up that felt stash again!

I'm loving any blog with CRAFTY CHAOS in their title and Susan (of the crafty chaos) made a really cute card here with little pink sweetie (tweety) birds that brings a warm smile to your face looking at it. Really nice job and I love the pieced trees, the use of several different patterns expertly (I'm challenged like that) and the gentle kindness of the card.

Electra used her great humor and made this fun and witty digi creation (Bird Soup) - love the vibrancy! Check out her blog and prepare to laugh out loud! She has a great take on well...everything and we love her bunches!
Maria carried the theme to be the birds AND THE BEES (oh my) - don't get all wound up on this - she made a beautiful card with her bees (she's not as cheeky as your poobahs - lol) Love all the elements here - the warm honey coloring and the texture, and the dimensional piece as well and having the sentiment gives an energetic feeling as well.
Crafty and prolific Kristen, who makes beautiful cards and has adorable digi motifs she creates, made an inspirational card using natural and gentle colors that make you smile! Love the inspiration and strength of this scripture passage.

Kristie, who I also believe is fairly new to OG (WELCOME), made two lovely cards. These have such pretty elements of texture and coloring, they just bring a smile to your face; why, they are...dare I say it? SO TWEET!!! (lol - I'm a dork and crack myself up so just smile and nod at the crazy lady)

Also, we have two more projects from a frequent Opus Gluei friend, Marni, who made these for previous challenges and we hadn't posted them. They are wonderful.

First is for "Sparkle" and Marni used sheet music in this project - now, how cool is THAT? I love the elegance of this and can't wait to see how Marni uses it. (btw, when you check out her blog you will see one absolutely adorable little pug (Miss Sydney Woo) who has so much personality)(she's right up there with Jenna Belle - Kristen's little sweetie)
and look at this for "Get Felt Up" - an environmentally conscious and cute (with a capital C) beverage wrap to protect your fingers while having that morning cup of coffee. It gets better, this is made with a felt that comes from recycled plastics. LOVE THIS!
We hope to see you back here on Sunday for our next challenge! We're almost to that 52nd challenge! A year's worth of arty fun and we've got some special things planned. But Sunday is Challenge #51 and we're pretty sure you're going to like it also! See you soon!

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