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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A taste of Christmas goodness - vintage style

Okay, Rosemary here, and if you follow my blog or see some of my projects here then you know I love the vintage stuff. If it is musty, worn, and sentimental - I'm so there, dude!

This is no exception and is my latest find: a little children's Christmas activity book. I suppose it was meant to amuse a little one during the dreadfully long anticipation toward Christmas (it seems like FOREVER to a child). It has sweet illustrations, lots of nice writing, and even some music to drive mom and dad crazy with as you practice it oh, 500 times or more!

So, please enjoy the little photos I took of some of the pages. I just thought it was so sweet to see. It is going to join my other vintage items - old Christmas bulbs in a box, tinsel, paper, bottlebrush trees. (swoon)


Ivolina said...

This vintage children book is fantastic. Unfortunately we don`t have any vintage Christmas stuffs. There were some glass toys for tree , but last year we broke them. I was really unhappy. They were my husband childhood memory.

Jessica G. said...

Sweet book! I just ran across my copy of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' book when I was unpacking the holiday tubs this year. It looks so very early '70s, complete with my first attempts at writing my name. Verging on vintage and definitely a keeper!!

Electra said...

These pics make me smile Rosemary, thank you! I posted a couple of pics of some ornaments from my childhood, (yikes) over 50 years ago, on my blog. here and here

Casii said...

That is the coolest little book! I'm green with envy!