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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Here's wishing that 2010 will be happy, healthy and prosperous for you and your loved ones.


Electra said...

LOVE the pcture! Happy new Year, Poobahs', I'm so glad you're part of my life and wish for you good health, happiness and properity for the coming year. And this same wish goes out to all the little Pooh-lets.

Vintageandjournals said...

Same to you my friends...A HAPPY and HEALTHY scrappy..wonderfull 2010!!! And to all the Poobah's too.

hugs xooxx

Rosemary said...

This is wonderful, Jana, love the photo! EVERYBODY needs to stop by here on January 3rd when we resume our usual silliness!!!!!

HUGS to ALL!!!!

Electra said...

OOOO, OOOO, OOO!!!! My blog candy made it here today!!! I am so deelighted! It's great! I'm going to play with it all tonight!
Thank you ladies, and Rosemary, please ignore my previous email which assumed the evil Canadian Postal Service had screwed up and lost it. Forgive me, Oh Postal Gods. It all came in a cool reindeer bag here
You guys are super - stay safe tonight! Hugs to you both!

Unknown said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you guys. Miss playing with you this last month, hope to get back real soon...

Amrita said...

Happy New Year girls

Casii said...

I'll be here looking to get back into the swing of things!