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Friday, December 18, 2009

How do our OG ladies spend the holidays? Part 1 of who knows how many?

So, we've asked you to share your holiday photos and stories and you always come through for us, so let's see what we have!

Kristen is not only ready for Christmas, but good grief she is already tearing into the new year with lots of lovely cards!!! Check out her blog! I don't know how she does it with all she has on her plate but she does beautifully.

Her tree is so pretty and happy and I want to eat all of these cookies, right now, all I need is a huge glass of milk and a little alone time (ha ha). (you think I'm kidding? Oh no!)

Our friend Fia from the Netherlands has also been a busy lady and isn't her tree beautiful? Oh my gosh, it looks so pretty and velvety, I love it and she has a proud helper here in her photo - her son Jaimie who appears to be eating his veggies because he is growing like all get out! Such a cutie!

Take a look at this gentle and elegant tableaux for her home, I love the natural elements and especially the peaceful dove nestled in the display.

Our friend Marni has been very crafty also and has made this gorgeous golden wreath. Silly Marni, she's asking where to hang it? Why, my home, of course! (LOL)

Casii not only has an idea that is so affordable and cute, you have to try it! I want to! Also, she has the sweetest, most original Christmas music that plays on her blog. You'll just smile and smile.

So keep those photos and links coming, we love to see them and share them to let us all enjoy the eye candy and creativity!


Electra said...

I too love to see what our sisters are doing for Christmas! and thanks Jana and Rosemary for taking the time to look after Opus, when you're so very busy with your families and your own celebration! You're the best Poobahs ever!

Amrita said...

love your eye candy

Casii said...

Love all the photos!