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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Challenge #135. Where'd you get your suntan?

Gini here
This fortnight's challenge is to make a project based on anywhere you could get a suntan. I thought we could think about traditional sun holiday destinations or your back garden/yard, on top of the Eiffel Tower, sitting in a canoe, anything really that you can make a story up to explain how you are getting a suntan so it fits the challenge, you know how I love a tall story.
For example, the mermaid whose dream was to get a suntan and how she managed to fulfill that dream. How did she do that? Was Sponge Bob Square Pants or the police involved? Maybe her fairy Grandmother came to her aid? How did she stop her scales from drying out?

I am over here in very soggy England, we have had rain, rain and more rain for what feels like a very long time but if it would just stop raining for a few days I might be able to get a suntan in my back garden.
If I was to lie on tinfoil out in my garden right now you would here the rain drumming on the tinfoil fortissimo style (the music term for very loud which I looked up on Wikipedia, gotta love that website and all the wonderful people who have contributed to it).
I need a raincoat and some fake tan...
So here is our house in the middle of our street.
 I loved that Madness song from 1982, yes, it really was that long ago!
You can see them in action over here on youtube if you fancy a bit of nostalgia
Pssst turn it up very loud ;-)

Let's see what all the other wonderful poobahs have come up with for this challenge.
Rosemary here and I went all stitchy for this challenge and yes, a cross stitch project can be done quickly - I managed this in the course of a week from start to in the hoop and on the wall.  My little girl here is called August Angel and she is a Cross-Eyed Cricket pattern from the leaflet entitled, "Sams and Stripes," because the main pattern is a collection of Uncle Sams.  (that project can't be done in a week.  But Aggie can and I think she has a sweet little retro vibe to her with her swim outfit, and there's even a bit of sparkle floss in her wings! (truly water wings eh?)  - although a very naughty crab is eyeing up her foot!)

and a little closer look at her...

For more details, please check out my cross stitching blog.

Jana here and I have to admit that when I first saw this challenge I didn't quite read the whole description. My little eyes saw the word MERMAID and fixated on that. So my project for this go around is a Mermaid. I stitched her on a dish towel, but am really not sure I want to leave her there. I was dumb and didn't try out the towel before I stitched her. I don't like the way the dish towel just pushes water around. It isn't absorbant at all. But I LOVE the way she turned out. She's a keeper.

She may become a pillow. I am just not sure yet. I got the pattern from Urban Threads.

Electra here-Who doesn't love the sun?
(maybe everyone who is sitting in 120 degree heat right now, do ya think?)
I made a tag, while fantasizing about being at the beach:

anywhere with water, in other words.
Credits for this can be found on my blog here.
Deena here
all I can think about is scorching heat...we haven't had a really warm summer in a long time, but the last two weeks here have been a doozy...the humidity is really the killer because +30 C in other places does not seem nearly as unbearable as it does in our part of the country...especially covered in mosquito my card went more along the theme of "but it's a dry heat"...could use the dry heat here for a bit...a little arid desert maybe???

You have until the end of Saturday 28 July to join in with your fabulous creation celebrating summer holidays. Add your blog post address to Mr Linky below.
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Gerda said...

Love the challenge, great work from the DT.

Unknown said...

Wow girls, you have been creative!! So much diversity here, truly stunning to see all these different techniques!!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I am celebrating my 1st year blog anniversary, and your cordially invited to come. Blessings!

PetraB said...

Great theme and thank you so much for the inspiration.