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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Challenge # 105 - It's a Girl Thing


That's what we want to see this week.

(Due to technical difficulties, this is it for the requirement this week.)


Rosemary here and my project is a scrapbook layout, I haven't made a page in so long so this was fun.

Yes, it's me and it's got a lot of pink and a lot of stuff and is kind of a mess.  Normally, I'd apologize and be embarrassed, but nyah...

This is who I am;  a lot of pink and a lot stuff and kind of a mess. 
(insert BIG cheesy grin)

Jana here: I work in an office where we have to wear security badges. Showing everyone that we do indeed belong there, or at least have permission to be there. Most of the people wear their badges on a standard issue black shoe-string type lanyard. But not me. I wear mine on jewelry. I make beaded lanyards to coordinate (mostly) with my outfit on any given day. I haven't seen any of the men eyeing my lanyards. They are a GIRL THING.

So for this week I am showing some lanyard I made for my graduating 5th graders teachers. All GIRLS. They too have to wear badges to show that they are allowed to be there in the school.

Show us your GIRL THINGS.

Remember this is a "G" rated challenge.
(insert bigger cheesier grin)


Terry @ Krazy's Place said...

Well, I've been trying (and hubby can tell you just how trying I can be ;)to link my card with the linky deal. But it just won't work 8( So I'll try the old fashion way. See if it gets to you ladies. My card is HERE

Electra said...

This was such fun, I love girlie things. Good thing I'm a girl, eh?
Those lanyards are delightful, lucky folks who get them! And Rosemary, you were just as cute as a button!! Look how many people have linked up this week and it's only Tuesday! Thanks for this, ladies!!

Susan Says (Stupid Stuff) said...

Hmmmm, my entry is definitely "traditionally" girly, but my plan was to make a "sassy" girly piece. I don't really know what happened, lol, it's pale pink and pretty and clean with flowers. Oh, the humanity!

Mandy Chilvers said...

here's mine... i think i'm late :-S