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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Challenge #88 - Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Okay, just looking at that title you are probably thinking - uh oh, their meds ran out, the liquor cabinet is empty, and the Poobahs have lost it entirely this time. 

Nope, your Poobahs require neither prescribed nor grain or vine inducement to be silly. 

It comes naturally to us, c'mon, you must know THAT from reading our posts!

This week we are asking you to use a chicken in your project.  Yes, a chicken.  One of those things that rushes about talking about falling skies, a fluffy creature who likes nothing more than being broody and clucking about pecking up feed.  Your creation can be just about anything - a blog post about your favorite chicken dish (oops, we'll have to cover dear Chicky's ears for that), a Spring or Easter card (no time like Winter to start thinking springtime), comic, retro, vintage, clean and simple, etc. etc. 

You know us, we're oddball, funky, and don't mind stretching the idea of a challenge.

But you are probably also saying to yourself - hey, what's with part about

You got us there, dear Groupei, we are having a giveaway. 
A wonderful giveaway for our faithful. 
You can win something big or small, because there will be bunches of prizes to spread around. 
Because really, just one prize wouldn't be enough for the Poobahs! 
We're going to be giving lots of goodies away. 

All you have to do is become a follower to this challenge blog 
then enter a project into this week's challenge.

That's pretty simple and we'll make the winner winners smile with goodies from the Poobahs!

***Okay, now what inspired US this week?***


Rosemary here and I decided to make a cheery little chick to send out to a friend who's been going through a tough time with her teenage daughter's health.  I think a little something cheerful might brighten her day and remind her that she's got friends who love and care about her.
The card is 5x5 and has a sweet chick cut from the Cricut Create a Critter cartridge, a little patterned paper, a Threading Water punch border, and some pretty ribbon all tied up in a bow!


Jana here: I made a recipe card. I have been slowly (very slowly) making 4x6 recipe cards for a 7 gypsies photo stand that I have decided will be my recipe holder. It holds the recipe's up high, they are covered in plastic and they can easily be flipped. I love it.

I picked this recipe to pay a little tribute to Chinese New Year. My recipe is adapted from Jennie Low's in her cookbook "Chopsticks, Cleaver and Wok". I used to live in a little town in Northern California where she had a restaurant. It's closed now and I don't live there any longer. I miss them both.


Now it's your turn to get clucking!


Deena said...

I am sooo in on this challenge...feeling good enough to craft and love the chicken theme...can't wait to participate in this one!

Girlsinthecraft said...

Okay, I already pretty sure this one is going to be a challenge for me. I have already perused my craft room looking for something, ANYthing that would qualify for this one. It will be interesting to see what I finally end up with. Sure hope I don't have to go shopping (ha!).

BTW, couldn't for the life of me figure out where to enter the HTML code for the blog hop last time. I read the instructions but sounded pretty foreign to me (yes, it was English, just not words I use). Help ;} ??

Rosemary said...

Don't let any of our themes pressure you or make you feel like you have to buy something (buy something if you like, that's always fun). Our themes are very freeform and easygoing - you could use clip art or hand drawing, whatever works for you. As for the project itself - free your creativity and just have some fun. An entry can be a blog post, a digital project, painting, fabric, ATC, inchie, twinchie, mini or a moo (I just love typing those - whee). JUST HAVE FUN!

Now about the blop hop code, I actually tried this out and it worked. What you do is to follow the code link, cut and paste the code that is show from the link into your blog post using the HTML view. I hope that this helps you out!

Electra said...

Whee! and I don't even HAVE a moo!
But I had fun. Can you tell? You guys rock, you come up with the best themes in the blogisphere. I mean it. Really.

Deena said...

Got your comment Rosemary...what do I need to do for my "prize"? sooo exciting....I hope it's not a dirty kleenex full of flu virus ;P been there, done that.

Casii said...

Have chickens and they'll be thrilled to be a part of Opus Gluei; especially Peanut and Duckie. :)

Rosemary said...

Deena - I left you info on your blog regarding sending a prize to you (no dirty Kleenex, honest)

Casii - I can't wait to see what the City Chicks come up with!

Electra - Isn't it fun to type moo (insert my own giggle, I know I'm weird)?

helloholley said...

Hi there! I entered my card and now I'm following!!! Thank you for visiting my blog and telling me about this awesome challenge blog!!! Thanks so much for the chance to win too!!! ;)

Chat Noir said...

Chickens. Good Grief, I hope they come in black. Okay, may take some time while I hunt about in the busy room looking for clucky things....... BTW Rosemary, I've put a couple of posts up about the mosaics too. They were great to make but sooooo heavy.

Girlsinthecraft said...

Hey Ladies,
this one got my creative juices flowing----I even went on to use my 'back-up' image to create a tag to go along with the theme (once the mojo is flowing who am I to stop it?). Hope that was okay!