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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Challenge #85 - Needing a Tropical Getaway

Here in North America we're having real blasts of winter and the occasional blip of warm weather thrown in just to taunt us. 

So, we felt the need for a tropical theme and without further ado - the challenge this week is to be inspired by TROPICAL colors, ideas, etc. 
(I am cracking myself up imagining this is like Iron Chef on the Food Network and I'm unveling the secret ingredients)


Rosemary here and I had a completely different project originally in mind for this theme - we like to plan ahead - and then the opportunity came up to help my friend Janet with preparations for her daugher's 5th birthday.  Most little girls are into Dora or My Pretty Pony, pink, purple, and glitter.  But no, Joy is very into the ocean and wanted a beach Maryland. 

So, here we go - the Cricut was smoking to crank out invitations and a party banner (yeah, I know, another party banner - I really like making them...hee hee)

Since they are little kids I stuck with bright happy colors and motifs.  A bit of bling and a ribbony/netting that I think adds a cute touch (the white on the invitations is supposed to suggest snow)

If you want some specifics, stop by my island hut over at


Jana will be posting arty goodness a little later

So, crank up the furnace (if necessary), get out the blender and whip up a tropical drink with an umbrella in it and be inspired to create something TROPICAL with us!

1 comment:

Electra said...

Rosemary, I swear you are the queen of amazing banners. I wish I were your child.