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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Challenge # 33 - Naturally Inspired

Let nature inspire you this week. No matter where you are, or what the weather, show us what YOU are seeing this week. I know it is getting warmer in the Southern Hemisphere and snowing some parts of the Northern Hemisphere.
Take a peek outside and show us what is going on.
Or take a peek inside, and show us what's up.
Jana here: I live in the southeastern part of Virginia in the United States. We are just getting out of a 3 day storm. We were only supposed to get some heavy rains. What ended up happening is that we got A LOT of rain and A LOT of wind. The ground was soaked, trees toppled over, around 200,000 homes lost electricity, schools and businesses closed for 2 of the 3 days, MANY streets were flooded. We were blessed in that the only casualty was a reduced tolerance for each other. Wednesday was a National Holiday, Veterans Day. Followed by Thursday and Friday being cooped up in the house with each other. I love my family, but I like them much better when I can miss them for a bit everyday. (KWIM)
So, here is what I did for this weeks Nature challenge...
I made this card with greys, blues and a bit of green thrown in. Like the skies were for the 3 days of the storm. And since the United States is celebrating Thanksgiving this month, I threw in some appreciation in the sentiment. I made four of these. I plan on giving out some sets of greeting cards as Christmas gifts this year and have now officially started with this card.

More of the greys and blues here. With a bit of "sunshiney" brightness in the butterfly. Which also symbolizes the renewal of the earth with all the rain. We did a lot of reading, thus the printed patterned paper. I pulled out a scrapbook kit that I have from Cocoa Daisy and went to town with it. I made two of these. (don't know why I didn't make four. you know, one for each of the sets I am making for Christmas. just happened I guess????)

And this last one was made with bright cheery colors. I love this little monster and decided it was time to ink him up. I stamped him on the printed paper because we were all reading like monsters this past few days. hehehe You can't really tell, but the hearts are punched out of velvet ribbon, cuz I figured that a monster would have a fuzzy heart. This little guy is paper pieced. I stamped him once on the printed patterned paper, once on the blue background square and once on white cardstock. Then cut out the horns, his body and his hands. I used my Copic markers for the first time on this card. (before I cut) Kind of chicken of me, since the area to color is so very tiny. But I have to say that I am HOOKED on these markers. Even the little bit I did was SO smotth and easy. His horns are shaded. I have never done shaded before. I am going to play more tomorrow, if I can get away with it. I only made this one. I don't think that the recipients of the greeting cards would really use this one. I could be wrong. But, we will never find out.

(Supplies used are so darned varied that I hesitate to mention any of them. If you want to know a specific item, just leave a comment and I will try to figure it out. I am not really good at keeping track of what I use. I have no desire to be published or chosen for a design team, so it isn't a priority for me. Maybe in the future, but not today.)


NOW get out there and get inspired naturally.
(not necessarily "naturally", it's up to you though)


Meikoningin said...

Here is my weather :)

Electra said...

Jana, your cards all beautiful and I love the thought you've put into them! Stay warm and keep smiling!

Rosemary said...

Hey there, partner, I love these cards - doggone it you are talented and time inside obviously spurred on your creativity!

Can't wait to see what everyone does for the challenge. Also, it has not escaped my attention that you made friends again with Mr. Linky. I'm jealous, he didn't love me like he does you! LOL

Electra said...

I don't know, methinks Mr Linky does not like me. (I heard him whispering) I did however enjoy making an ATC for this challenge! Thanks, ladies. You're the best!