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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Challenge #31 - Tom the Turkey

Kristen, one of our loyal Green Horns, has generously offered up one of her digi stamps, Tom the Turkey as a freebie on her blog and is letting us use it for our challenge this week.

Thank you so much Kristen.

This little guy is really very versatile.

You can get the image on her blog. You should also check out all of the wonderful digi images in her shop, KAH-wink-E-dink. Go visit her blog and her shop. She is very talented. And has a wonderful sense of humor.

Let's see what you can do with this sweet little guy.

Jana here: The United States is celebrating Thanksgiving this month. One of the symbols of this holiday is the turkey. We know that not everyone is celebrating this holiday this month, but we still want you to play with us. I made Place Cards for our Thanksgiving dinner table. We are hosting dinner here. We don't dress up. We wear jeans and t's or sweaters depending on the temperature.

As you can see, I flipped the image and printed out and colored them.

I thought it would add a little interest.

It's one of the advantages of working with digital stamps.

I made them simple but I think they look good anyway.

(Look good? I LOVE THEM, they look so darn cute says Rosemary stopping in to say hey)

Hi everyone! It's Rosemary and my take on cute ol' Tom here is to print him out on a neutral colored cardstock, color him in (using ye olde Crayola crayons - which I think gives him a cute playful look), and then fussy cut and adhere to a tag on a bag of autumn candy mix. A little tag printed out and glued on and then some ribbon and voila - a cute little treat bag!

Let's see what you can do with this sweet little guy.

Our recap of last week's submittals for the theme "Apples" will be on Wednesday.


Electra said...

I LOVE the placecards, and Rosemary, your "Eat this, not me" cracked me up!
Thanks for your generosity, Kristen!

Lynn Put said...

These are too darn cute! Love the placecards with the fall tree paper!

Birgit and Marni said...

A-dorable!!!!!!!! Love it! I wish that I could host a Thanksgiving dinner one year, but I keep threatening to make a tofu turkey, so I have been banned from hosting. Heee heeeee. I just bring the veggies instead.

Divya Rao said...

I love both creations! Will definitely try 'n' make something :)

Amrita said...

Poor Tom,, I like what he is saying in the last card

Kristen H said...

I love what you both did with my image, thank you most talented poobahs!!!!
These are great. I am glad you aren't posting the apples until Wednesday, because I wanted to make something and then ended up on coast for 4 days! I will be back with Tom and an Apple for you later!
Love you both, MWAH!

Terry @ Krazy's Place said...

He's adorable, and i love all the projects he's on. But I can't find him when I go looking on Kristen's blog? Help!

Rosemary said...

Try this link:

Unknown said...

Love what you both did with Tom,he's cute, but I can't find him.. the link you send didn't bring him up... BOO WOO

Rosemary said...

Try cutting and pasting the link I provided up above into your browser, that should take you right there. Then click on Tom and it will open him right up for you to save and enjoy!

Give it another try!

Jana said...

I updated the post to include a direct link to Tom. Look under his picture.

Divya Rao said...

Here's the link to my post featuring Tom...


Jessica G. said...

I had fun with little turkey image:

Thanks for sharing, Kristen!

Electra said...

Love the new look of your blog, ladies! I got something done with little Tom, not a lot, but an ATC I'm pretty happy with.
Thanks for giving us this inspiration Kristen!