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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Let's see what you did for the theme "Blue Blue Blue"

Once again, the good followers of Order of the Opus Gluei have outdone themselves. I love the different perspectives and takes you each bring to your projects. I am inspired, touched, and very interested in your submittals - they give a little glimpse into you and your inspiration and it is an honor to visit and see what you're making.

This theme is no exception; you each had a unique way of answering the call for this challenge and you did so beautifully.

We have a new participant - Maria - and if you get a moment, go over and drool over her pretty cards. Her blue project is a lovely little mermaid with an embossed bubble background. Beautiful and the little sentiment on the front is adorable.

Our dear Opus Gluei greenhorn, Kristen, made a blog entry submittal - a soulful and heartfelt poem for her brother that is very touching.

Chat Noir (aka Carolann) made a spectacular card - it's going to be for her dad for Father's Day. May this ability to be organized rub off on me in 2010. To me this is the epitome of elegant! It's got a gentle color, and subtle touches of just classic elegance.

Electra, another of our newer Opus Gluei friends, made an altered project that you are going to swoooooon over; it's beautiful with lots of texture and interest to draw you in and yes, there is plenty of blue in it to qualify. She does such cool projects in all sorts of formats that I'm just thinking - how does she do it all? But she does and we're all the better for getting to see it!!!

Jessica, another of our recent friends of the blog, made an elegant card that is so beautiful in its shading. She also has a link to a cool technique that I didn't know how to do and now I want to make something with it! Check out her other cards too, you are going to just love love love them!

Christine also made a card and WOW - that a pretty card! Who wouldn't love to find this in their mail??? It's got such lovely elements - flocked paper, charms, beautiful patterned paper, and bling (oh my)! YUMMY eye candy!

Irit Shalom submitted a sweet and lovely scrapbook layout of her daughter (what a cute girl!) that is also full of the pretty touches I love - bling, soft shading, lace and the butterflies are so perfect!

(((( Irit's wonderful layout has been accepted for publication,

so we have removed it. Temporarily.))))

After a long absence where we missed seeing her beautiful work, our friend of the blog Desi (aka Ivolina) is back! YAY!!!She brings a great 3-D card with paper piecing that she does beautifully (I'd make a mess of it but she is awesome with it) on a blue background. This card has such fine details and lovely elements. Welcome back!


Electra said...

Wow, such a range of projects and they are all lovely! I can tell, I'm going to be spending the evening checking out everyone's blogs!

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.