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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Challenge #14 - Patriotism

July 4 will be the 233rd birthday of the United States of America. I am proud to be an American. I realize that being a citizen of the United States is partly what makes me ME. What brings out the patriot in you? Regardless of your nationality, you belong to a country. It helps to make you who you are. Show off your National pride in this week’s creation.


Jana here: My national pride started showing in Kindergarten. (Yup, way back then.) Our assignment was to make a Christmas ornament for our Mother for Christmas. Mine was, naturally, a United States Flag. Not a little one either. It was drawn on an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper. I have to admit, it was the most unusual Christmas tree ornament in the whole class. I bet the whole school.

My patriotism has NEVER waivered. I am proud to call myself an AMERICAN. I have been lucky enough to have traveled to over 20 countries in my life, and not one of them has made me feel the urge to give up Citizenship to this country that I love. The rights, and responsibilities, that I am given here are amazing to me when I think of all of the places in the world where women are second rate citizens. Or even possessions. Places where I cannot imagine. I am so very blessed to be able to raise my girls in this FREE country.
My family had the priviledge of attending the United States Coast Guard boot camp graduation ceremony for my nephew. I love my nephew, but have NEVER been as proud of him as I was Friday. He made a conscious decision to assist in the defense of our great nation. It was a moving ceremony. A passage from boyhood to manhood. Defended to defender.

My creation this week is a very small token of salute of the members of our armed forces, past and present, and their family members. To recognize the efforts of the rebels who risked everything to found this great nation. To all citizens of the United States of America.

It isn't fancy. But I like it. I hope my sister does too. I have one for her too. She is the proud mama to one of the most recent Guardian of the seas.

(To get an enlarged view of the banner, go here, and click on the picture. For some reason, it won't do it on this blog?????)


Rosemary here - I'm very proud of being an American. Like many (if not all of us in the USA) I have a varied ancestry that brings together British, Danish, German, Scottish, and Irish roots - but I am unequivocally an All-American woman. What I am most proud of as an American is freedom and abundant opportunity. This is truly a place where anyone can achieve as much as their desire and drive will take them.

I know, enough soapbox, show us your national pride in projects, Rosemary! Okey dokey!

My first two items are cross-stitch samplers that I actually did a while ago but I think they demonstrate that this blog is all about variety. So here are the two samplers - one traditional and one whimsical.

(Jana here: Rosemary, these are amazing. I am so impressed. )

My other project is also intended to showcase the variety of what constitutes an Opus-Gluei submittal. I always say you can make an inchie, twinchie, mini, or a moo, etc. right? Well, here is a 4x6 postcard celebrating the USA.

I used Wasau metallic cardstock, K&Company striped paper, Cats Q ink to vintage everything up, spare lace and ribbon scraps, a piece of vintage clipart (the flag was cut and given a little 3-D action with pop dots), and QuicKutz lettering.


Last week we explored the idea of "How Does Your Garden Grow?" and we got (as usual) great projects that we'd like to share with you! Don't know if you noticed it, but both of your Poobahs used colors in their projects that are normally NOT their favorites - Jana chose pastels while Rosemary used earth tones. So, we're surprising ourselves going out of our comfort zones.

But onto your projects!

Our friend Ivolina is back with a lovely card full of depth and color - you expect the butterfly's wings to move at any moment. (and yellow roses signify friendship, which is something Opus-Gluei is all about too)

In case you missed seeing some of her other contributions, our Opus-Gluei greenhorn Kristen has a wicked sense of humor and more evidence is here with her contribution to our challenge. Go over and see some of her work - you'll be laughing too! She's sharp and sassy!

Phinny made a card that is serene and elegant - another great take on a challenge. I hope I may be so bold as to say that we love when you put the techniques you used on your blogs! Gives us inspiration!

Elizabeth was Ms. Multi-tasker, creating a card that satisfies three challenges (yep that is 3 challenges in 1). And she did so beautifully didn't she? Such a pretty card, cool and classy.

From the looks of her projects, which are beautiful - you would never know that Chat Noir prefers black and white! Such a pretty card, love the garden-inspired/catalog motifs - here's hoping you do that project for your cousin and use this card to present it!

Bobbi took a page out of Elizabeth's book and multi-tasked her submittal as well. Wow!!! What a beautiful card with dimension and texture, color and a happy theme - the lucky recipient of this card is going to love it!

Thank you all for the wonderful projects you have shared with us.


Amrita said...

Love your creations gals

Bobbi said...

great projects ladies
on to the next challenge

Unknown said...

I hope my contribution to this week's challenge is ok....

Casii said...

Love the garden projects from all the Gluei gals and the patriotic creations Rosemary and Jana!