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Friday, March 27, 2009

Flight of Fancy Challenge Entries

Our First challenge was a bonafide success. Thank you ladies for joining us in our Crazy Adventure. We surely welcome you to stick around and play with us some more.
We'll be your best friends.....
Rosemary here, I stopped by to see what Jana was doing - I agree wholeheartedly

And without further blathering, I am proud to present to you the entries:
Heather at Creative Solace helped kick-off our Challenge in BIG style.
I absolutely LOVE this creation. So very springy and whimsical. I love all the colors.

I adore all of the layers here. And of course the colors speak to me. Did mention that I love the colors in this piece?!?!?!?!

Rosemary again - I'm a big fan of Creative Solace and love to see what Heather has created next


Karen at A Little Bit of That approached our challenge from a different perspective with her Spring Album:

I love seeing all of her personal signs and favorites of spring.

Go over to her blog. I have only posted a couple of the pages.

She has posted the rest of the album. It is amazing.

R again - I know, Karen is amazing - she had that great album put together so quickly and I love it!


You really should check out both of these ladies' blogs. They are both very talented.

(I second that emotion)

We here at OPUS GLUEI are very honored to be in the presence of such creative spirits.

And as a surprise, we have a little token gift for each of you. So please contact us via email with your mailing address and we'll pop a little something over to you.

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Kathy said...

When is your next challenge????? :>)