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Sunday, February 22, 2015

#203 - need a little vacation?

Our challenge for you this week is to do a project that is vacation or warm weather inspired.....

Deena here:  This week I am on a cruise to the Bahamas with my family and my next door neighbours...hoping we are having great weather and lots of fun....I love cruising to escape our brutal winters...of course this year our weather has been great, so it is a guilty escape...but I will go either way

Electra here.  In 48 days I fly over to the lovely island of Hawaii, and I pulled out some layouts from my trip over there last year.  A helicopter ride was on my bucket list and the flight was grounded - it was a very sad trip for me. But I am returning!  You can read all the sordid details on my blog. LOL

Chat Noir here, and I went with the vacation theme from the opposite end of the scale (which makes sense since I'm at the opposite side of the world)....I wish I was somewhere cool where I could pull on a woolly jumper and some thick socks. The weather here is cyclonic and drought-ridden all at the same time.  Throw in bushfires and floods and you've got our summer.  I think I'd like to be somewhere a little cooler.....

You will have until March 7th to show us your vacation projects!


Cec said...

Fun vacation places the ladies have taken us. Here is my offering:


Lynda said... Here;s my entry x

Vickie ODell said...

Thanks for the lovely inspiration! Here's my dream escape from all the snow and cold: