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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Challenge #171 - Brrrrring it on!

Brrrrrrring it on. 
Snow, ice, blizzards, polar bears, penguins... 
Winter is upon us. Let's see your chilly works. 

Jana here and boy, oh, boy has it been chillier than normal here. Too cold for me. I like warm weather. Give me a sunny beach and flip-flops any day. I am challenging you all to Brrrrrring on the chill in art form. 

I want you all to take a second and steady yourselves. I actually worked with paper and glue this time. I gathered my snowflake punches (2) and my Christmas scrapbook paper. I pulled out a frame that I was saving for the perfect project and a piece of kraft cardstock. Then I went to town punching and arranging and gluing. 

I love how it turned out.

Chat Noir here.........Oh what a challenge this is for me here on the other side of the world.  In Australia today there's probably every sort of weather imaginable, but in Melbourne its the first day of summer and we're celebrating with a 30 degree Celsius day, with more to follow.  

 However, I can embrace my inner winter.....I love winter nights best of all: clear skies, a very big chill in the air, glittering stars.....  I made some ATCs to go along with that mood....

...and I have to admit to being just a little bit contrary and photographing them against the background of sun and water at my favourite beach, just because its a beach sort of day today.

Electra  here

It's not cold here today.
But it was cold here yesterday.
And it will likely be cold here again sometime this week.
What can I say.  We dress in layers in Canada.

Rosemary here and I am sharing my art journal page.  I used Gelatos in blue and white (and it photographs smudgy and all but in person it looks like watercolors, odd) and cut and colored snowdrifts and then punched and jazzed up snowflakes.  The wording talks about how I don't hate winter, I see it as a time of regeneration ready to burst forth in spring - and this year more than others, I really do feel like I'm also undergoing something like that in myself.

Deena here:...not sure where my post went, but now it is back...just loving these projects...reminds me of here....I made a cozier type card to try and ward off the winter chills... (but really I am just looking forward to our cruise to Hawaii this week, where I will truly escape the cold for the first time ever)...giddy with excitement!

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