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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Challenge #163 - The Start of Something BIG!

Chat Noir here.....

I've decided that starting something new is what other people do, but every now and then I feel brave........ 

 I think I may have taken up felting. I'm not sure,  because its time consuming (which is why I love it) and takes up space (which is why I dont want to do it), but its absorbing and creative.........and fun.  So I'm sharing a little of my journey because it COULD be the start of something big (but I may have to move house to fit it in).

 It starts with lovely soft wool in cloud-like hanks, and after a lot of elbow grease, water, and lots of guidance from the other people in my class I ended up with a pansy I love and a scarf that really could be a bit longer, but I'll fix that next time.

Here's the proof:

Raw materials and a test piece to make button holes.

Part of the scarf (the best bit!!)

An unfinished pansy

Love to see what you've just begun.........

Electra  here  Chat NOir has challenged me greatly, and what I have done is made a LO to convince myself to take better care of myself physically.  It could be in any number of ways, but I've chosen one is particular.

Jana here and I have decided to take a deep breath, and just jump in. I have seen these wonderful "Weekender" bags all over the sewing world lately. I got the chance to see one in person at a quilt guild meeting and they are BIG. Too big for me. So I kind of sighed a bit in relief and forgot about them. THEN, I saw THIS PATTERN in Craftsy, and I just knew that I would have to make it for this challenge.

I used my purple, blue and green scraps strips. Love how it looks.

Just large enough for a magazine and a project or two.

I had never made a project used quilted pieces. It was a challenge getting all of the pieces to get through the sewing machine, but I DID it. And I love it. The pattern calls for piping. I tried it. I had to rip it all out and re-do the bag. I don't like piping. It isn't my friend. But I never would have known if I hadn't tried it.

Deena here:

Mine isn't a craft project, but a craft room is almost finished and the excitement is brewing big time...ceiling went in today and the flooring is done....just need lights to be hooked up and a counter top and it is mine...all mine....I even got to load up most of the cupboards and re-gained access to many of my supplies that have been boxed up since February....I can't wait...two more weeks or so and it should be complete!

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Teri said...

Deena, you and I are working on the same project! Tho mine will take some longer than 2 weeks to finish.

Hazel said...

I love what you girls have done - what an original challenge - will have to see what I can do! x

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I had been wanting to do a layering of odds and ends in a piece, so this was the perfect opportunity. Blessings!