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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Challenge #160 - Pin it, Spin It, Win It!

Hi!  For our challenge this fortnight we are asking you to 


For this challenge I'd like you to PIN something (i.e., go to Pinterest - or somewhere you get inspiration) to inspire you, put your SPIN on it, and then share it with us to WIN this prize package!

There's a non-stick craft sheet, blank tags, Tim Holtz rub on words and pics
and lots of Distress Stains as well as Tim Holtz tissue paper
(and you never know, we might throw in goodies for everyone who plays along)
C'mon, you know this is good stuff!

We're also asking you to show that you're an Opus Gluei afficianado by becoming a follower (please note in your blog post with your creation that you are).  We want one of the faithful, even a recently joined faithful to win this fabulous-ness!!!!

A random winner will be drawn from entries received by midnight EST in the U.S. on Saturday, July 13.

So, let's see what our Poobahs were inspired to create!

Rosemary here and I love Pinterest for firing up the mojo!

I used this inspiration  from Eileen's Crafty Zone

and created this

Inspired by her vivid colors, embossing, and metallic piece at the center of the rosette.

From Blogerisms I pinned this canvas

and was inspired to create this art tag with the rainbow, butterfly motif, and word FLY
I liked the idea of all the butterflies in a straight line and then others flying to their own ideas and having sparkles bursting out. Hey, it made sense when I was working on it.  LOL
For more details, please see my personal blog.

Deena Here:

this cute card was copied from my friend Cheryl and her ideas...they are fabulous and we made some as a group....don't ask me how to find it on pinterest cuz I always get lost on that site and can't find my way back to an idea to save my life...good thing my memory is still somewhat good and I can imprint some of those fabulous ideas into my brain!

Electra here.  I try to stay away from Pinterest.  Because I love it.
When I get on Pinterest, I forget to eat, bathe, sleep, you know the deal.  But I visited it for a little while.  Just for Rosemary.  Cus Rosemary is a sweetie (Rosemary here - I appreciate all compliments and heck, if you can waste time for me, I'm all for it - Hail to the Crafty).. Here is my inspiration:

And here it was I was inspired to make:

Chat Noir here....

since Pinterest sends me weekly updates, I have MUCH MORE time (and do I use it wisely? of course not) than when I surfed......... and gazed at images......... and did nothing about it.  

Here's my inspiration, and here are the ATCs I made this morning.  I go into a tiny bit more detail on my blog, but I think you get the idea. 

Jana here, and I have many things Pinned. Too many to do in this lifetime. And, yet, I still find myself Pinning things. Lots of things. Often. For this challenge I was able to narrow my projects down to just 2 of the gazillion I have Pinned.

First up is this very useful savings bank. Although the inspiration piece is a bit more personalized, I figured that since no one else in my house sews, I am pretty safe in not labeling mine. I have a LOVE of craft/sewing supplies. And this may help me get a few more things. I'll start putting my change in there every Friday. 

Here's where it lives. I hope it's bigger on the inside too. LOL

My other project is born of inspiration from a few years ago. Pinned HERE. Mine is a WHOLE lot smaller than the inspiration piece. It is a made of inchies and a leftover kids craft canvas. This 4 inch square canvas was in an art kit for kids. It had a flower outline printed on it and came with 4 colors of paint. Well the paint dried out, and the kids lost interest. I actually rescued this little guy from the charity bin. I painted it blue. And let it dry. Then I lightly rubbed Tim Holtz ink pad over the top and sides to give a bit more character. I picked some of my Summer Time inchies and glued them down. Easy Peasy.

I have this on display on the mantle in the family room next to a hurricane vase of shells.

You have until the end of Saturday 13 July to join in with your fabulous creation. Add your blog post address to Mr Linky below.
If you would like to join in with a previous challenge we've set (life happens and lateness is absolutely fine, we don't mind a bit) just add your blog post address to Mr Linky below. Please make sure your blog post refers to the previous challenge you are entering so we don't get confused.  
We look forward to visiting you! This is a Blog Hop!


CG said...

Thank you for this fun & unique challenge! I was so inspired, I ended up making 2 projects. The DT projects are so amazing! Best, CG

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I LOVE all the projects by the talented DT this week, and the prize is VERY generous. I use Pinterest, but often pin and forget about it. This challenge gave me an opportunity to actually use something I pinned. I hope you like it. Blessings!