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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Challenge #117. What's on your head?

Gini here -

Helloooooo this fortnight's challenge is mine, all mine mwha-ha-ha.

So tell us then, what's on your head?

It can be any kind of project you like as long as it's got someone or an animal with something on it's head, or even a shelf or a display of hats, something along those lines.

You might fancy going the traditional route and use a hat of some kind, a headress, a crown, or exotic feathers on a glamorous lady.
You might feel inclined to go a bit wackier and put a fried egg on a dog's head, or a Santa's hat on a chicken, your imagination is your only limitation, anything goes.
Marie Antoinette had a galleon sailing in her wig once I believe.
If you feel like writing a little story to go with your creation I would love that too.
Just a few lines of nonsense, I am easily pleased  (no don't listen to my husband laughing at that, he knows nothing).

I myself have a bit of a passion for making headresses.

So this is Stampotique's Clover ready for an evening out.
She is planning on dazzling her beau, her hope is that the candle light glinting off her head dress will hypnotise him and make him amenable to her every wish and whim.
Now if you click on her to make her bigger and look at her dear little face, you will see a lady who is prepared to suffer for her ART and her cutting edge fashionability.
Bless her.
Where would we be without style icons like Clover eh?

C'mon get your thinking cap on!

Let's see what all the other wonderful poobahs have come up with for this challenge.

Rosemary hereWell, I had to go literal for this challenge theme, it simply had to be.  About 5 years ago I discovered those wonderful knitting looms and went a wee bit crazy with them, made everyone I knew and loved a hat (and sometimes a scarf).  I'm including a photo of my latest one, a baby sized pink hat to show what I am talking about.  Sure, some may call it cheating knitting, but not me!  Until I can learn how to knit on knitting needles, I'm going to rely on my knitting looms.

This is me modeling a hat (switch them around enough and the static electricity starts making your hair look like fright night)

Emma posing with part of the stash (it is wrong how elegant she looks compared to me)

and the pile from that first go-round. 

So, I've been doing it again on a grand scale, trying to once again make one for everyone in the family and select friends. 

This is the sad little pile I have right now (only 7 completed) - But these are amazing quick (even the adult sizes) to start and finish in an evening.  Makes watch television fun and productive!  I will make my goal, I always do!  (I highly recommend trying these looms out)

Deena here - my little guy is not as fancy or elaborate as Gini's is, but he is a bit of a cutie in my opinon...I used liquid applique on his hat...that stuff is soooo much fun...I have had it in my craft area for about 10 years now and never used it...but why, I will never know cuz that stuff is amazing!

Electra here -  Trust Gini to come up with something so creative!  I did a "doorway" into, oh, I don't know, let's say a popular nightclub. Has this ever happened to you?

Jana here - I am a bit late to the party, but here none the less. I have a lot on my mind lately (don't we all) and the thought of hosting Thanksgiving Dinner here in America has almost sent me to the bottle. (And it may just happen...) Thus the inspiration for this ATC.

Nothing like a little bit of liquid courage to get you through.....

You have until the end of Saturday 19 November to join in with your fabulous creation celebrating things you could wear on your head. Add your blog post address to Mr Linky below.
If you would like to join in with a previous challenge we've set (life happens and lateness is absolutely fine, we don't mind a bit) just add your blog post address to Mr Linky below. Please make sure your blog post refers to the previous challenge you are entering so we don't get confused. 
We look forward to visiting you!


Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

Darling cards, fun cards, silly them ALL!!!

Debbie said...

Great cards!! And I finally figured out how to put the blog hop on my blog! Crafting is educational! :)