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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Challenge #115. Back into the swing of things.

Deena here - so now that school is back into full swing and all of the activities have started back up, let's get into the swing of things with the Poohbahs!  Pull out all the stops and show us your swinging creation...what ever and how ever that may be....I chose to use a monkey swinging on vines (I do like monkeys - unlike birds, I think these creatures are cute and cuddly looking - from a distance, of course)...but that doesn't need to be your only kind of swing...there is the swing in your step as the kids head off to school...a swing at the park on a warm fall day...the swing of a bat when your husband tries to use your scrapbook tools to do a construction project....what ever tickles your fancy...
by the way....this honeycomb paper is super cool!  total 3-d effect...have sooo many ideas for it....

Let's see what all the other wonderful poobahs have come up with for this challenge.

Gini here -   LOL at Deena's bat swinging, so what else could a bat be used for hmm? 
I know how about a moustache... For me getting back into the swing of things is making comedy papercrafts, at least I find it funny, you may think otherwise as it takes all sorts to make a world. Click on the image to make it bigger.


Electra here -  I made something digital cus I'm in the midst of a move and can't find anything.  Here it is:

 Jana here - I have been on a paper hiatus. For some unknown reason, I have avoided it. I have been on a fabric binge. I LOVE paper, and just in the past week or so I have gotten back to it. I am getting BACK INTO THE SWING OF THINGS. The way I used to be into things. I grabbed a few Halloween papers, some different types of GLUE, some stamps and ink and went to town. Here are a couple of the 10 cards I made in one afternoon. See, I really am BACK INTO THE SWING OF THINGS.

Models: Mr Bones and Fluffy

This is Mr Bones favorite card!

You have until the end of Saturday 22 October to join in with your fabulous creation celebrating getting back into the swing of things. Add your blog post address to Mr Linky below.
If you would like to join in with a previous challenge we've set (life happens and lateness is absolutely fine, we don't mind a bit) just add your blog post address to Mr Linky below. Please make sure your blog post refers to the previous challenge you are entering so we don't get confused. 
We look forward to visiting you!


Hazel said...

Fab challenge - hope my entry isn't too offbeat! x

Kristen H said...

I feel so bad for missing the challenge. Midterms are kicking my hinder... but they are over. See you next challenge. Wheww. Hope you all are having a wonderful day!

Maria Matter said...

welcome back!
thanks for a really fun challenge, everyone did an awesome job with their creations!