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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Challenge #83 - If you made it, we will come.

This next couple of weeks, we are challenging you to share anything you have made. If you made it, we want to see it.   We want to get inspired (as we always do) by your creativity.

As you could see in our last challenge we had wonderful projects shared with us and you, so let's see what else you're making - If you make it, we will come -
especially if it's food. Yum!!! 

Rosemary here and I had a wonderful time Making Merry with my friend Casii and new friend Kim.  There's more details over at my personal blog but suffice to say that this day of creating and sharing projects with one another is a new tradition that we're going to enjoy for years to come!

I demonstrated a project to embellish a plain, paper mache/chipboard type wine box suitable for festive gift giving!

From left to right - Casii's, Kim's and mine

A closeup of mine

Casii taught us how to make the most whimsical, retro/vintage marvelous dreamy clouds that carry the dreamer off to imaginative places!  You get to use vintage tins, photos, picks, and on and on!!!!  (again, more details at my blog)

Kim taught us that silk ribbon embroidery is not terribly complicated but a little easier than expected and quite fun!  My poinsettia isn't finished but seriously, I can do this!

Jana here: I made a couple of wreaths. I saw a really cute one made from Christmas bulbs, and thought, "Hmmm. I can do that." So I bought the wreath base, a couple of tubes of plastic bulbs and a roll of ribbon. Then I thought, "Hmmm. I should make one for my sister too." So I bought another wreath base and more bulbs and more ribbon. Cuz, can you really have too much ribbon?!?!?!?!
This one is for my sister. She LOVES the New Orleans Saints. She lives pretty close to the Big Easy, so I chose rich colors and a Fleur De Lis to adorn her wreath.


I was making this next one to keep, when my daughters suggested that their grandma would really like it. (My mom LOVES Christmas.) It isn't that my girls don't like the wreath, but rather that they are really pretty giving girls. For this I am thankful. They are really very regular about considering others. (And I do mean others. They will fight tooth and nail to keep from sharing with each other. SIGH. But with others, they are very generous.)
(Rosemary sneaking in here - Jana's girls are wonderful children, I love them bunches.  I would be hard pressed to give either of these fantastic wreaths away!  THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL, JANA)

I have a confession to make. I didn't use any glue. These wreaths were made without adhesives of any kind.
Seems odd since our name implies that we glue everything.
Just thought you should know.


Now it's your turn to WOW us with your creations!!!


janita mantel said...

i don,t understand how it works, but this is my Christmas book

Electra said...

I'm off to buy a wreath base, I realize that's what I can do with the funkily brightly coloured bulbs I have that are in a box since I'm not putting up a tree! (Yippee) Your treasures are all lovely, ladies. Thanks for another YEAR (!) of awesome inspiration!

Kristen H said...

It has been a hundred years or more... miss you guys. I may be linking up during my winter break. If I remember how to do it!!! LOL!
Love you all
Merry and Blessed Christmas!

Spyder said...

Lovely challenge...on my card...the little robin has some Rudolph Cookies in his pressy for the snowman! Merry Christmas


Casii said...

Love the wreaths Jana! Uber cool and creative.

And of course, Rosemary, so fun (shiver with Buddy the Elf type excitement) to have a play day together!

Chat Noir said...

Wishing you both a beautiful Christmas full of love and laughter, and a New Year full of inspiration (just like 2010). Love visiting.....

Hazel said...

Thank you so much for the beautiful stamps your sent me - I've just linked a card that I made using some of them x