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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Challenge #172 - Circles Circles Everywhere!

Use circles, but don't get dizzy!
Deena here:  I have been running in circles trying to get to this project...right now we are hopefully sunning ourselves in Tropical long as there were no typhoons or hurricanes or tsunamis or sinking cruise ships....if there have been, please disregard this happy message :)  (what happens when you write stuff in the future and all)...I had a card kit that I just had to use up before we left and this is what I came up with:

Jana here: I decided that we need another ornament for our tree. Bwahahahaha. If you know me at all, you know that we could easily dress 3 or 4 trees for Christmas every year with all the ornaments we have. Anyhow, I did notice that we don't have many ball ornaments. So I made one. It's from a little kit I got with a quilting magazine. I changed it up a bit. Because that's what I tend to do. Can't follow a recipe to save my life. 

Chat Noir here...  I've wanted to make these paper pom-poms for ages but I always forget when I get home from wherever it is that I've seen them (and muttered under my breath that I could do that).  Deena's challenge gave me just the chance....and they really are easy.

All you need is a circle punch, doesn't matter what size, and some ribbon to match whatever card stock you choose. I made two with 5 circles, but the orange one has 7, and looks better I think.  More details on my blog.  Why not make them in Christmas colours and add them to your tree??

Electra here.

I completely forgot about our new challenge and so had to quickly put something together.  I told myself, I could only use circles.  I almost achieved my goal.

To be totally honest, I'm wishing Jana would come and decorate MY tree.
Since we will not be posting again before Christmas, please accept our heartfelt wishes for a Happy, Joyous holiday season for you all, no matter what you are celebrating!
Or even if it's just another day in Paradise for you!!
Merry Christmas!

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