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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Challenge #208 - Feathers

Electra here with a new challenge!
This time we invite you to create something with a feather or Feathers.
What do feathers bring to mind for you?
Birds, or wings or a pillow fight?
Whatever you are inspired to share with us, that's what we want to see.
'Cos we are all about creativity, not rules here.

Here is some inspiration for you:


Deets can be found on my blog.

Chat Noir here, with something completely different, just to show you how versatile is the humble feather!  You only need an egg-shape, paint, paper, varnish......and heaps of patience.

Deena here: I chose to make my feathers with pretty little dies and polkadot paper...I love playing with the dies and using non-traditional items to make embellishments to match my cards.

You have until May 17th to link up below in the comment,
so that we can come and leave you some love,

We look forward to seeing what you create!
Thanks for joining us!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Challenge #207 - Then and now....

For this challenge we're asking you to look at a previous project and reimagine it.  You can either use the actual project or be inspired to update it.  Really it is however you want to take this challenge.  We would like to see how you are inspired.

(or now and then)

Electra here.
I took a clipboard that I'd made many moons ago off the bathroom wall
and made it fit my new bohemian bathroom colours.
All the deets can be found on my blog!

Deena here: As I was going through my blog looking at old projects, I came across these cards that I made for my friends in 2009. The retro lady on the card front inspired me to pull out a retro stamp and get to work. This is what I ended up with....thanks for looking!