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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Challenge #98 - What's in your wallet? (AKA It's in the Bag)

This week we are asking for you to take a look inside.

Deep inside.

Your purse that is.

Take your purse, dump the contents onto your bed/table/couch,
snap a photo and then see what inspires you. 

Make something wonderful from your inspiration and share it with us!

Jana here: I used my tote for my inspiration source. I had a template for a paper doll in there that I had printed out in January. How sad, huh?!?!

Anyway, here is the tote and its contents:

You can tell that I carry a lot of papers. I LOVE papers. Some are recipes, instructions, lists, puzzles, etc. I also usually have a magazine or two. I can't remember why the nail polish or the MM embellies are there. The tin houses my Zentangle kit. And you can see many bookmarks. I have a "thing" for them. Anyway, one of the papers was a template for a paper doll that I had been carrying around since January. It just never seemed like the right time to make her. Until now.

And here is the paper doll. Rose is her name.

I have posted more details as to the why and how on my blog HERE.

Rosemary here and this the outside of my purse and the insides (not much fits in there - some aspirin, wallet, work id, brush, allergy meds, lip balm, and an old school calendar/planner plus pens)

The contents do not so much inspire me as convince me I'm a spring hypochondriac (LOL)

However, undaunted, I was inspired me to make the following:

First, since Easter is around the corner and my sister and I are both trying to moderate our candy intake, I thought it would be nicer to give her a gift card in a pretty purse box instead of lots of chocolate.  I can still put a little egg into the smaller purse.  The purse shape is not unlike my real life purse (including the handles) and I took the tag motif from the D&B bag to make a tag for both cardstock purses

My second project is a card for a friend that has a 3-D shopping bag on the front.  The inspiration for this is from the blue and leather (which has an orange-ish tinge to it) and the logo design on the bag (think embossing)

My card carries through these colors and the 3-D bag with a tag is again drawn from my purse

More info is available (papers used, etc.) on my blog

So, now it is up to you to take a look at your bag, inside and out and get inspired!


Deanna Cosgrove said...

Cute idea you guys! Kinda afraid to see what all is in my purse myself. And really not sure I am willing to share a pic of the contents--ha! Gonna try to be on top of this one this week, we'll see..........

Deena said...

mine is going to be a picture of crumpled receipts and used gum wrappers....yikes, not an overly attractive sight....scary stuff...

Amrita said...

Wow such cute creations. I have a fetish for purses and bags. How are ya gals

Electra said...

Thank you for lighting a fire under my lazy behind and helping me to get my Christmas light photos scrapbooked. I would not have done it without you! You're the best Poobahs!