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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Where's the Saturday Recap?

The new and very nifty link allows for thumbnails of your submitted projects and we hope it gets you to visit one another's blogs to see not only the Opus Gluei challenge projects but all the other projects and stories you have to share.


Electra said...

It works just fine for me, I've already been blurfing to the other "Glueilits" Nice work, everywhere I go!

Le said...

I miss your words about our projects and for each of us. I read with excitement each of your review. But now It's is more modern and more convenient.
Hugs from me and congratulations to all artists!

Chat Noir said...

Love the thumbnails, but I'm with Le too.... used to get a sense of the entries from your words before I linked over. Heck, now I have to make up my own mind!!

Sorry I missed this challenge, never got past the thinking stage.....

Til next week, Hail Glue!

Kristen H said...

Love the linky... it's easy, and no one gets missed.
Happy mother's day poobahs!

Rosemary said...

hmmm...okay, now you're getting me thinking about having a recap....oh, the indecision of it all!!!